Tourney Turf Fungicide


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Tourney Turf Fungicide

The Tourney Turf Fungicide is a very active and water dispersible fungicide that controls a wide range of diseases even at low use rates. It is mainly used on outdoor ornamental plants that are affected and damaged by powdery mildew, leaf spots, rusts, anthracnose, apple scab, rhizoctonia and crown rot. It's a great and important tool that growers can use on preventing and controlling major diseases. The Tourney Turf fungicide has a superior residual control with a super systematic, fast uptake and increased concentration feature. The Tourney Turf Fungicide can be used without the need of other fungicides, making it the best value for money and preventing longer application process. Product comes in 5 lb. jug container.

Note : Product is not registered in State of Alaska.

Application Directions

Personal Protective Equipment: 

Applicators and other handlers must wear long sleeved shirt, long pants, socks and shoes for protection. 

Foliar Applications:

  • Apply Tourney Fungicide at 1 to 4 oz. of product per 100 gallons of water for disease control in ornamental plants. 
  • Apply as a full coverage spray to the point of run-off. 
  • Apply as needed on a 14 to 28 day interval. 
  • Under conditions of optimal disease development (such as high humidity and temperature), use higher rates and shorter application intervals. 
  • When applications are made curatively, use higher rates of Tourney Fungicide and shorter application intervals. Use higher application rate in areas with a history of severe disease pressure. 
  • For general disease control in landscapes, apply 1 to 4 oz. of product per 100 gals of water on a 21 to 28 day interval. 

Drench Applications: 

  • To control soilborne, seedling and crown diseases, apply Tourney Fungicide as a preventive drench treatment prior to disease development. 
  • Apply at 1 to 4 oz. per 100 gals of water in a volume of 1 to 2 pints of solution per square foot of surface area on a 14 to 28 day interval. 
  • Roots must be healthy to ensure systematic uptake, translocation and disease protection. 

Note: Please see product label for complete list of application procedures, rates and recommendations. 

Application Equipment: 
Tourney Fungicide can be applied by using suitable hand or power operated application equipment such as portable, pump-up, backpack, hydraulic or boom sprayers in a manner to provide complete and uniform coverage. 

Restrictions and Limitations

  • Do not apply more than 4 lbs (2 lbs ai) of product per acre per year
  • Do not apply through any type of irrigation system
  • Do not apply by air. 
  • Do not graze animals on treated areas of one year after application. 
  • Do not feed plants from treated areas to livestock or poultry. 

Note: Please see product label and MSDS sheet for complete list of restrictions and limitations and handling and storage procedures. 

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08/26/2014 Susan from Monroe Nc

QDoes Tourney Turf Fungicide work on large patch?

ATourney Turf Fungicide is labeled to treat large patch. Please be sure to review the product label before application.

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08/10/2017 Gary from Cottage Grove, Mn

QCan I use Tourney Turf Fungicide for rhizosphaera needle cast?
Minnesota, 25 ft Colorado Spruce How much solution does 5 lbs make for 3oz per 100gal mixture


Tourney Turf Fungicide  is not labeled for treating spruce trees for needle cast. The only product that we do carry that does not say it cannot be used on blue spruce for needlecast is the Clearys Spectro.  Please be aware that just because the label permits this use, the product can still bleach the trees which is the problem with most products when using on blue spruce.

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07/13/2017 Susan from Coxs Creek, Ky

QWill Tourney Turf Fungicide control and/or prevent Black Spot on roses?


Tourney Turf Fungicide is not labeled for black spot from roses. We would recommend using Bonide Liquid Copper Fungicide instead. It is labeled for black spot and many other rose diseases. 

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