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    Woodborer bee dies trying to remove plug.

    By Heiri on 05/13/2012

    I plugged a hole that a woodborer bee had chewed out on a wooden beam. I few hours later the woodborer was back trying to chew up the plug it died doing this. Probably did not taste good. When installing these plugs I fill them with glue that expands while drying.

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    Carpenter Bee plugs.

    By David on 07/19/2017

    When I ordered the Bee kit and extra plugs for the holes the lady said do you want 1/2 in.or 3/8 plugs? I said how should I know! She told me most people buy the 1/2 in. ones When I received the package, they were way too BIG. It cost me around $8.00 to send them back. I wasn`t very happy about that. They are the ones who recommended me the wrong size to buy. Not really very good customer service to have to pay to ship back something because the company recommended me to buy the wrong size! I would still like my shipping costs back.

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    In field use of Trebor Plugs

    By on 01/22/2021

    These plugs work great using the recommended size drill bit when installing in wood, sheetrock, fiberboard, paneling, etc. On Mobile homes with sheet metal siding they are harder to install in this siding than the materials listed above. If anybody cares, i would suggest a metal siding plug that is slightly more playable so that a smaller hole could be drilled for a tighter fit. Also, a trick i used when installing in metal siding is to use a hand held nut driver which holds the plug securely so that it can be pushed into the drilled hole without bending the siding inward. :) I also use a small tapered grinding wheel to clean the hole edges prior to installing in metal siding. The texture and design of the plug for these metal siding conditions might or might not make sense depending on the number of individuals using these plugs on that type of siding, I can supply pics if you would like.

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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)