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Turface Athletics MVP

Turface Athletics MVP is an infield conditioner composed of large particles that you can use as a topdressing to help create an excellent and level playing surface. This also helps improve native soil for turf renovations, as well as prevent rain outs. It holds water, air, and nutrients at the root zone and improve water drainage. This is very ideal on maintaining a smooth, playable, and cushioned surface for the player's safety. It also minimize infield compaction that can cause sliding, running, and bad ball hop injury. Each bag contains 50 pounds of high-quality conditioner.


Use the following formula to determine the amount of Turface to incorporate into the skinned infield mix. Infields should be amended at 15% to 20% by volume, 4 inches deep.
Turface tons required = area x depth of incorporation (in inches) x desired % of Turface (20% = 0.2)/667

For example: To determine the amount of TURFACE required to amend an infield skinned area of 9000 sq. ft. at a depth of 4 inches at 20% volume: 
9000 x 4 x 0.2/667 = 10.8 tons of TURFACE

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    5 of 5 stars  Great product
    By Matthew in Orlando FL on 03/25/2015
    Verified Purchase

    This product works great for gritty mix.

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    5 of 5 stars  A+ product and customer service
    By Julie in Russellville, TN on 09/22/2015

    I use Turface for amending potting soil and for making a succulent soil mix. Was always buying small baggies until I found this site. Good price on the Turface plus free shipping! Best deal on the Internet. Got the Turface in about 4 days. I'll order from this site again.

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  • 1 of 1 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  turface mvp
    By Lawrence in Jax, FL on 01/02/2017

    i first learned about turface from bonsai growers on ebay.encourages tiny roots.i still didnt connect the dots that it was designed for sports feilds.i bet it works great in that aspect because it sure does for me just mixing into bonsai soil or all potted plants.this company delivered my purchase very quickly every time i ordered and sent communication when mail was a little late one time.excellent service.thanks very much,AlBlood

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Gritty Mix
    By Gabe in Grover Beach on 08/26/2015

    AL's Gritty Mix!!! This is the stuff baby. Wish it were cheaper though...

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11/01/2014 Marilyn from St.louis, Missouri

QCan this be used in a vegetable garden?

ATurface Athletics MVP is only meant for use to be used on athletic fields and cannot be used in vegetable gardens.

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08/12/2015 Anne from Mount Pleasant, Sc

QCan I use Turface Athletics MVP before seeding centipede and other areas of yard that hold water?
Can I use this before seeding centipede and other areas of yard that hold water? I'm trying to solve some clay issues too I live on an island and have to rely on rainwater for both my cabin and yard


Yes, Turface Athletics MVP can be used before reseeding your lawn. It is recommended that you till the area and use the Turface Athletics MVP first. You are able to reseed right after this application has been done.

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02/17/2016 Keith from Antioch, Tn

QWhat is the particle size of Turface Athletics MVP?
Turface has some products that are as fine as dust. I'm looking for the one that is 1-2mm granules.


The particle size of the Turface Athletics MVP ranges from about 0.42mm to 3.3mm.

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09/01/2016 John from Helena, Montana

QWhen would it be best to apply Turface Athletics MVP to my lawn to get the best benefit from it?
I live in Montana and my clay soil is suffocating my lawn causing it to die. I need help right away to turn the tide.


Since Turface Athletics MVP is not labeled to be used on residential lawns, only athletic fields, we cannot advise on the best timing for an application. We recommend contacting your local extension office for advise on when the best time is to apply soil conditioners in your area. The local extension office is located in your county and great resource for specific products, procedures and conditions for your area.

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