PestWest UV - A Meter

PestWest UV - A Meter
PestWest UV - A Meter

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Product Overview

PestWest UV - A Meter is a user-friendly device that enables you to keep track of your UV Lamps' status, allowing a timely replacement before it stops producing UV light. It helps maintain the tube's quality in every electronic fly light system and manage their usage all year long. It works by initially gauging the ambient light, then measures UVA precisely straight from the system. This handy pocket-sized tool will ensure that you will get an outstanding result every time.

Features and Specs

Target pests Black Blow Fly, Black Flies, Blue Blow Fly, Cluster Fly, Crane Flies, Dark-winged Fungus Gnats, Deer Flies, Dump Fly, European Crane Fly, Eye Gnats, Face Fly, Filth Flies, Flesh Flies, Fruit Flies, Midges, Stable Fly.
For use in Electronic flying insect light system.
Special Features Lets you monitor the condition and quality of UV tubes in any electronic flying insect light trap.
Shipping Weight 0.50 lbs
Manufacturer PestWest (Mfg. Number: 648099)



A. To check UV output for a fly trap:

UVA output and bulb intensity decrease proportionately with distance from the trap and age of bulbs. The test should be carried out with the UV-A meter pointed directly at the trap from a distance corresponding to its total rated UV wattage. Hold meter at right angles and to the centre of the flytrap under test, slight movements away from this angle will give incorrect readings.

  1. Press either button A or B to turn meter on - the Red LED on the far left will blink on and off.
  2. To measure ambient light, switch off fly trap and with meter pointing in general direction of the trap press button A again. The Green LED on the far right of the display will blink on and of indicating the meter has stored the ambient UV level of the room.
  3. Switch on the fly trap.
  4. Using the table Fig 1 establish the measuring distance point from the flytrap.
  5. Point the meter directly at the UV tubes and press button S once.

The meter will monitor the UV, subtract the previous ambient reading, and display the fly trap UV reading by illuminating one of the 10 coloured LEDs.

If a continuous assessment of UV is required, perform operation 5 but hold the button down continuously. Releasing the button stores the last reading.

The illuminated LED will remain on without the need to hold any buttons until the meter powers down. This happens automatically 20-30 seconds after the last press of any button.

B. Assessing ambient UVA levels:

When surveying a site prior to the installation of fly control units, ambient UV levels should be measured to prevent poor trap location to select appropriate wattage fly traps.

  1. Press either button A or B to turn meter on - the Red LED on the far left will blink on and off.
  2. Cover/hide the front aperture of the UV-A meter and press button A again. This will store a zero reading.
  3. With the meter pointing in general direction for siting press button S. The meter will now indicate the actual level of UV light according to how far to the right the display reads.
  4. Choose the optimum location for siting of a fly trap by choosing a place with the lowest ambient light reading i.e. the measurement which is furthest to the left in the Red zone.

Note that: if you are unable to find a low ambient light reading a higher wattage fy trap will be required to compete with the high levels of surrounding light. Different times of day may produce different readings according to the amount of sunlight present.


If for any reason the buttons are pressed in the wrong order, wait 20-30 seconds for the meter to switch off, the sequence may then be restarted.

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