WCS Shorty Tube Trap - Rust Resistant

WCS Shorty Tube Trap - Rust Resistant
WCS Shorty Tube Trap - Rust Resistant
WCS Shorty Tube Trap - Rust Resistant

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Product Overview

WCS Shorty Tube Trap - Rust Resistant offers more convenience in trapping rodents like squirrels, weasel, mink, packrat, and Norway rat. A shorter but enhanced version of the classic Rust Resistant Tube Trap. The WCS Shorty Tube Trap is specifically design for squirrels and other rodents since it measures 7.5 inches long and 4.5 inches in diameter. This product is electro-plated, making it rustproof and requires no spraypainting nor dyeing. Made from high-quality materials with 21-gauge steel and beefy double torsion spring. Proven to reach every space and corner with its smaller size which also makes it a natural attractant to squirrels. This tube trap can be used directly by applying the bait onto the pan of the trap or smearing the paste bait above the pan. It is considered a lethal trap do it is highly suggested to use it with care. This product comes in the color black.

Features and Specs

Target pests Squirrel, Mink, Weasel, Norway Rat, Pack Rat.
For use in Indoors and Outdoors.
Application Smear bait directly onto the triggering pan of the Tube Trap. Then take a 1/4" piece of hardware cloth or screening and lay it on top of the triggering pan containing the bait and wrap the edges around the pan.
Dimensions 4.5 inches diameter x 7.5 inches length - 21 gauge steel.
Color Black.
Material / Construction Gauge steel and beefy double torsion spring.
Special Features With an electro-plating process which is black in color and is highly rust resistant.
Shipping Weight 3.00 lbs
Manufacturer Wildlife Control Supplies (Mfg. Number: TUBE002-1)


DIRECTIONS: Select the appropriate location to position trap by monitoring squirrel travel ways.

Familiarize yourself with the Trap’s Parts:

  1. Trigger (Dog) - floppy L-shaped piece attached to the bracket.
  2. Pan back - the cap piece screwed to the bracket attached to the Pan
  3. Bracket - the piece soldered to the bottom of the tube. The rod with coils springs, the pan and trigger are all attached to the bracket.
  4. Tube - round steel body of the trap
  5. Coil springs - springs attached to the strike bar mechanism
  6. Strike Bar - metal bar inserted into a trap that looks like a handle
  7. Pan - located inside the tube where the animal sets off the trap.
  8. Safety - a hook next to the trigger that can hold the strike bar in place while the trap is set.

CAUTION - If using bait, apply inside the trap on tube wall above pan BEFORE setting the trap, or make sure the SAFETY is latched over the strike bar while applying the bait when in the set position.

SETTING DIRECTIONS: To set the trap, position the trap in front of you with the Strike Bar and the Coil Springs next to your body. The Trigger and Pan Back should be jutting out on the other side of the tube away from your body. Flip the Trigger and the Safety so they are both pointing up toward the ceiling. Press down the Strike Bar, with the palms of your hands, so that it touches the Bracket. While holding down the Strike Bar, take a finger and flip the Trigger over the Strike Bar then flip the Pan Back so it slips over the Trigger end. The Strike Bar applies tension on the trigger and pans back. Now you are able to flip the Safety over the Strike Bar to make transporting the trap easier and safer. DO NOT STICK FINGERS INSIDE. The TRAP IS NOW SET…. use caution when positioning. DO NOT dry fire trap as this may cause damage to the strike bar and tube.

PAN ADJUSTMENT: You can adjust the pan sensitivity by adjusting the location of the trigger (dog) in the Pan Back. Push up the Pan Back to make the pan less sensitive. Position the very end of the trigger into the back of the pan to make it more sensitive. This also lowers the pan inside the trap.

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