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Marianne from Carlsbad, Ca writes

Will Essentria IC3 kill Argentine Ants?

The manufacturer of IC3 returned my call but did not answer my question: does this product kill Argentine ants? It lists "ants" but doesn't say which kind. Can you just find out and answer my email?


Essentria IC3 can eliminate any type of ant (including Argentine Ants) that crosses over treated areas. You should note that the product will not be carried back to the colony and transferred to other ants, only the ants that actually come in contact with treated areas will be eliminated. We do carry Termidor SC and Phantom which both work with a transfer effect and are labeled for most types of ants. If you would prefer to stick to all natural products you should consider using a combination of ant baits such as the Gourmet Ant Bait Gel and the Intice Fine Bait Granules. Baits will be picked up by the foraging ants and carried back to the colony. After the infestation is gone you can follow up with the Essentria IC3 as a barrier spray around the exterior of your home to stop new ants from moving in.

Answer last updated on: 01/26/2012

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