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Yellow jackets are a species of wasps that is perhaps most recognized by their yellow and black bodies, and their painful stings. Removing yellow jacket nests is essential for the safety of all who live in and visit your home. Our selection of yellow jacket control products, including our yellow jacket control kit, will help you control these stinging pests fast.

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A replacement attractant cartridge for the Rescue Reusable Yellowjacket Trap.
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A ready-to-use bug killer that eliminates targeted insects and provides long-lasting control.
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A ready-to-use insecticide that targets hornets, wasps, and their nests.
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A professional aerosol insecticide foggerIdeal for space treatments with a residual that kills insects for up to 8 weeks.
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A professional botanical insecticide for contact kill on growing crops in greenhouses, ornamental plants, stored products and livestock.
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A permanent trap which features a chimney effect that is specially designed to lure and catch yellow jackets. Unique chimney effect.
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This product is lure for the JF Oakes Advantage Yellow Jacket Trap
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A permanent trap which features a chimney effect that is specially designed to lure and catch yellow jackets.
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An eco-friendly, light, and gentle spray that targets a variety of insects.

How To Kill & Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets are among the most feared of pests, and with good reason. These stinging insects of the wasp family are known to be aggressive and can deliver a potent and painful sting to anyone who disturbs or is seen to threaten their nests. Adding to their ferocity is the fact that unlike bees, they do not die after stinging a person once and can, in fact, deliver multiple stings over a short period of time. They also release a certain scent with every sting that alerts other yellow jackets in the same nest that they are under attack. These other insects will then also sting the assailant.

The grim reality of these bugs is that they can present a life threatening danger to anyone who is allergic to their venom, and in fact, yellow jacket attacks are responsible for many hospitalizations each year due to anaphylactic reactions in sensitive individuals. Therefore if you have a nest of these wasps near your home, your first thought should be how to safely get rid of them.

Getting Rid Of Yellow Jackets – Some Helpful Tips

•    First, you will need to find out how big the nest is and whether or not it has more than one opening. This will be important during the actual application of pesticides because if there is more than one opening, the insects that have not yet been killed by the spray might well escape and retaliate by stinging for the attack on their nest. To avoid this, carefully examine the nest for a secondary opening, preferably at dusk when the wasps are least likely to get agitated.

•    Yellow Jacket sprays, such as PT Wasp Freeze Aerosol, or Wasp-X Wasp and Hornet Spray are by far the best tools to use when you’re trying to eradicate a nest of yellow jacket bees. That is because they offer you a quick knockdown of every yellow jacket without exposing you to the danger of them trying to protect their nest. The best sprays to use are ones that are specifically formulated to instantly kill the insects, like those mentioned above. These products will make sure that every wasp is killed as soon as it is sprayed.

•    Before the application, you should make sure that you are dressed in either thick clothes or our professional bee suit. Also, be sure to cover up as much exposed skin as possible, this will not only help to prevent stings but will also keep you from being overexposed to the pesticide while spraying the nest. You will also need to wear reasonably thick gloves that still allow movement and dexterity, as well as eye protection, like these safety goggles.

•    Last but not least you also will want to think about using a professional respirator or other breathing protection, as the application may take several minutes to ensure that all the insects are dead.

Pictures of Yellow Jackets

Wasp & Hornet picture 2
Image courtesy of New Mexico State University

Wasp & Hornet picture 3
Image courtesy of Washington State University


GoPro Camera Inside Yellow Jacket Nest (Video):

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