Yellow Jacket Bait

Yellow jacket baits can help keep yellow jackets away from your backyard, outdoor eating space, and more. Baits lure yellow jackets in with a food source that is either in a trap or laced with insecticide, where the trap or insecticide will kill the yellow jackets in the area. Explore our selection of yellow jacket bait for quick relief.

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A professional insecticide with residual control of over 200 insects for commercial & residential indoor & outdoor applications including lawns and landscaping.
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A professional insecticide aerosol for crack & crevice residual applications for commercial and residential areas including food preparation areas.
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A specially designed hanging station that uses standard 16 oz. cup for trapping and baiting flying insects such as flies, wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, flies, and other flying insects.
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A 16 oz. liquid bait that is designed to lure small flies, fruit flies, drain flies, phorid flies, European hornets and yellow jackets.
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A permanent trap which features a chimney effect that is specially designed to lure and catch yellow jackets. Unique chimney effect.
Yellow Jacket Bait Station Kit with Onslaught Quick View
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Control yellow jackets around your home year after year with the Yellow Jacket Bait Station Kit with Onslaught.
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Multiple sizes available
An attractant that will effectively lure and catch yellow jacket. For use with JF Oakes Advantage Yellow Jacket Traps.
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This product is lure for the JF Oakes Advantage Yellow Jacket Trap

How Yellow Jacket Baits Work

Yellow jackets leave their nests to search for food, and can travel quite far, venturing into your backyard or picnic to join in on the feast. They can become very annoying and aggressive when they are in search of food, especially nearing the end of the season when their natural food sources begin to dwindle. They can congregate near dumpsters, garbage cans, fallen fruit over-ripening on the ground, and any food source they may find. Well-placed bait systems or baited traps will draw the foraging yellow jackets to the traps away from populated or busy areas.

How To Use Yellow Jacket Baits

Yellow jacket baits are fairly easy to use, but there are some extra steps you should take to make sure your baiting efforts work as well as possible. Keep these things in mind when baiting for yellow jackets.

  • If there is an active yellow jacket nest on or very near your property, baiting will not offer complete control. Removing the nest completely will offer much better control if this is the case.
  • Make sure you have chosen the right bait for the right stinging insect you are trying to target.
  • Clean up and put away any possible food sources in the area you are baiting, including any overripe fruit, spills, crumbs, pet food, etc. Make sure garbage cans are well sealed and cleaned.
  • Choose the best type of bait system for you. One option is a liquid bait lure that is poured into a trap. The yellow jacket is drawn to the food-based attractant and then is unable to escape. Another choice is a bait station, where you will place a bait of your choosing (like raw chicken, fruit juice, etc) mixed with an insecticide.
  • Make sure you read all directions thoroughly and set up all baits and bait stations accordingly.

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