Zenith 75 WSP Insecticide

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Zenith 75 WSP Insecticide

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5 out of 5 stars Rating: 5

3 Reviews | 7 Q&A

Product Overview

Zenith 75 WSP Insecticide delivers superior broad spectrum control of many ornamental and turf insects. Zenith 75 WSP contains the active ingredient, Imidacloprid, which is the same in Merit insecticide. This product will provide season long control with just one easy application. This is also a great preventative because it stops the egg laying action of your targeted pests. Examples of sites to be used on: Turf- golf courses, parks, cemeteries, playgrounds, home lawns, athletic fields, shopping complexies, and sod farms. Can be used on ornamentals on residential, commercial landscapes and interior plantscapes. Zenith 75 WSP comes in an easy to use water soluble packet and can be tank mixed with most liquid fertilizers, fungicides, miticides, and other common insecticides. Has a low use rate which means less hazard to you and non target organisms.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Imidacloprid 75%
Target pests Turf-grass: Larvae of Billbug, Black Turf-grass Ataenius, Japanese Beetle, Masked and European Chafer, and others
Ornamental & Trees: Lace Bugs, Leaf Beetles, Aphids, Japanese Beetles, Sawfly Larvae and others
* See label for complete list
For use in Turf-grass: Home Lawns, Golf Courses, Playgrounds, Athletic Fields, Office Buildings, Shopping Malls, Cemeteries, Residential complexes and Sod Farms
Ornamentals: Commercial and Residential Landscapes and Interior Plantscapes
Application Turf/Ornamental: 1.6 oz. ( 1 packet) per 11,000 sq. ft.
Ornamental Foliar Application: 1.6 oz ( 1 packet) per 300 gallons of water
* See label for complete application instructions
Pet safe Yes, when used as directed on label
Formulation Professional Product
Group 4A Insecticide
Shipping Weight 0.46 lbs
Manufacturer PROKoZ Inc. (Mfg. Number: 79404506)
UPC 785740139172
EPA Registration 432-1318



For optimum control of pests, irrigation or rainfall should occur within 24 hours to move the active ingredient through the thatch. Do not apply to turf areas that are waterlogged or if the soil is saturated, because water is needed to penetrate vertically in to the soil.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Works Great

    By Casey on 07/31/2013

    Verified Purchase

    I had a bad root aphid infestation. Couldn't kill them by spraying. I used several products, bifen, malathion, neem oil. I used this as a soil drench and cut the population from 1000's to just a few in one application. A little goes a long way. Only 1 1/2 tsp per 50 gal.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Zenith 75 for Orchids

    By Ben on 11/19/2013

    Verified Purchase

    This procuct is just emerging as the orchid solution for a systemic insecticide to control scale and mites without spending a forturne. Another orchid enthusiast led me to the product line. With just one applicatiion I believe I can see a vigourous response in my orchid collection. It was by chance I found DoMyOwnPestControl online. What wonderful service! I ordered Zenith 75 on Saturday night and it arrived in the Wednesday mail!

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Generic as good as Bayer

    By Mike on 04/10/2020

    Easy to use on emerald ash trees and it works at killing the borers Plus much less than Bayer at big box stores

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Questions & Answers

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How many 1.6 oz packets do I need to soil drench all of my trees?

I have 19 tall trees on my 1/2 acre lot. Each has an average diameter of 35 inches. They are all 6 feet apart.

You will need to measure each of the trees diameters to determine how much product you need for a soil drench. Each 1.6 oz (1 packet) ZENITH 75 WSP will treat 24 to 48 inches of cumulative trunk diameter. Please refer to the product label to determine how much you will need for the target pest you are treating. If you have not purchased this product yet please note that you must mix up large batches at a time and will require at least a 25 gallon tank. If have not purchased the Zenith and you do not have a way to make large tank mixes you may want to purchase the Dominion 2L which will allow you to mix very small or large quantities depending on your needs and abilities. You will need .1 to .2 fl oz of Dominion per inch of tree diameter depending on the target pest. Please read the product label for full instructions.

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How long does Zenith 75 WSP Insecticide stay in the soil, if using soil drench method?
Zenith 75 WSP Insecticide will stay in the soil up to one year. Make sure to keep the soil moist for up to 7 days to ensure residual longevity.

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Will Zenith 75 WSP Insecticide work with cottony maple scale? We have a bad infestation.
Zenith 75 WSP Insecticide will treat for Scale insects pe product label. Please review the product label for application instructions.

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How do I mix Zenith 75 WSP to treat one hemlock tree?

I have one hemlock that needs treated. It is 48 inches in diameter at breast height. How much water & product do I use?


For a soil drench application to a tree that's 48 inches DBH, you may uniformly apply a 1.6 oz packet of Zenith 75 WSP Insecticide in no less than 10 gallons of water per 1,000 square feet around the base of the tree, directed to the root zone.

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How long does Zenith 75 WSP Insecticide take to work on root aphids in a soil drench application?

Zenith 75 WSP Insecticide can take up to 8 weeks to translocate throughout a plant/tree and begin to work.  It should be applied before the target pest is actively feeding for best results.

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Zenith 75 WSP Insecticide 5 out of 5 stars Rating: 5 (3 Reviews / 7 Q&A)

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