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Advance Carpenter Ant Bait

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    Carpenter Ant Bait

    By Pete on 08/25/2010

    Howdy, This was my second container of the Advance Ant Bait. The product arrive on time and in good order. My colony of carpenter ants took the Advance Bait for about two weeks and then totally ignored the bait. They would walk over or around and not pick up any bait. I did notice a reduction in ant activity of about 50% over the months of June and July while I kept the bait available for the ants. Thinking I had a "stale" batch of bait I decided to try a new container. No luck with the new container of bait I got in August. I gave up on the Advance Carpenter Ant Bait and tried the Max Force Gel Bait for carpenter ants. Once I got the colony to take the Gel Bait I had a 100% kill in two days.

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    Carpenter Ants

    By John on 07/30/2010

    Verified Purchase

    I discovered carpenter ants coming into my home this summer, captured a few critters, and had them positively identified by an entomologist friend who referred me to this product. I used it as prescribed and noticed them carrying away particles of the bait within an hour. I went through the entire 8 oz container over the course of a week or two. They keep taking the bait, but I haven't noticed any population decline. I do trust the recommendation of my entomologist contact, so I plan to purchase a larger quantity and keep dosing until bait remains and ants do not.

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    Fire ants love it.

    By John on 06/19/2020

    I purchased this product for suspected carpenter ants in my house, but the ants I have do not seem to go for it as they like the sweet baits. Not wanting to waste the stuff I put in the plastic bait tray I dumped it around a few fire ant mounds and they did not complain and took it down their access hole only to have their "last supper". I still left some crushed up pellets in my house hoping that the ants, I still have, will take the smaller pieces to their buddies under "covid lockdown". They do like the maxforce sweet gel.

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    Advance Carpenter Ant Bait

    By Mark on 07/10/2020

    I put the bait down as instructed, but the carpenter ants do not seem very interested in the bait. They move right past it, or stop for a few seconds and look at it, but move on without taking any of the bait. So the jury is still out on this one. Does not seem promising right now.

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