Advion Insect Granular Bait Insecticide

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Advion Insect Granular Bait Insecticide
Advion Insect Granular Bait Insecticide

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4 Reviews | 2 Q&A

Product Overview

Advion Insect Granular Bait Insecticide is a highly effective solution against insect pests both indoors and outdoors. Contains indoxacarb as its active ingredient which is known for being very attractive to target insects. It comes in a palatable formula, offering more bait consumption. The Advion Insect Granular Bait Insecticide is proven to kill and eliminate pests such as crickets, cockroaches, earwigs, ants, millipedes, silverfish, and other insects. It is ideal to be applied to public and industrial buildings and commercial and residential sites. Ensures thorough control of pests with its special granular formula that is easy and ready to apply. 

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Indoxacarb - 0.22%
Target pests Cockroaches, crickets (including mole crickets), nuisance ants, and listed crawling insect pests.
For use in Indoors and outdoors.
Application May be applied through Structural Perimeter-Band Application, Landscape Boundary Application, or spot treatment.
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on the label.
Formulation Granular Formula.
Dimensions 14.50 x 7.25 x 6.25 inches.
Special Features Comes in s a ready-to-use granular bait.
Shipping Weight 1.14 lbs
Manufacturer Syngenta (Mfg. Number: 66718)
EPA Registration 100-1483



This pesticide is toxic to fish and aquatic invertebrates. Do not apply directly to water, to areas where surface water is present or to intertidal areas below the mean high water mark. Do not contaminate water when disposing of equipment rinsewater or rinsate. Do not apply where/when conditions could favor runoff. Runoff from treated areas may be hazardous to aquatic organisms in neighboring areas.

Do not apply to any impervious surfaces which may contact or lead directly to surface water, storm drains, or urban runoff conveyance systems (gutters). Sweeping any product that lands on an impervious surface back onto pervious surfaces will prevent runoff to water bodies or drainage systems. Cover, incorporate, or clean up granules that are spilled.


It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

Read entire label before using this product. Syngenta will not be responsible for losses or damages resulting from use of this product in any manner not specifically stated on this label or other labels or bulletins published by Syngenta. User assumes all risks associated with such nonspecified use.


  • Not for use on turfgrass that is being grown for seed or on commercial sod farms.
  • Not for use in nurseries and greenhouses.
  • DO NOT allow livestock or domestic animals to consume the bait or graze in treated areas.
  • DO NOT apply indoors to areas accessible to children or pets.
  • DO NOT allow Advion Insect Granular Bait to contact any food or feed.
  • Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system.
  • DO NOT exceed 4.6 pounds of Advion Insect Granular Bait per 1000 sq ft per year or 3.2 pounds of Advion Insect Granular Bait per 100 linear ft applied in a 7 ft band (equal to 0.44 lb active ingredient per acre per year).
  • Do not formulate this product into other end-use products.


Advion Insect Granular Bait contains the active ingredient indoxacarb in a formulation that is highly attractive to the pests listed in the following table.

Treatment Rates and Pests Controlled

Inside and around residential dwellings, business and office complexes, shopping complexes, multi-family residential complexes, institutional buildings, airports, cemeteries, parks, playgrounds, schools, including lawns and landscapes, sports and athletic fields, and other similar landscape turf areas

  • ants, including tawny crazy ants (except red imported fire ants, harvester ants, carpenter ants and pharaoh ants), earwigs, field crickets, house crickets, millipedes, mole cricket, adults and nymphs
    • 0.38 to 4.6 lb product/ 1,000 sq ft
    • 0.27 to 3.2 lb product/ 100 linear ft
    • 0.037 to 0.44 lb AI/ acre
  • cockroaches
    • 1.15 to 4.6 lb product/ 1,000 sq ft
    • 0.81 to 3.2 lb product/ 100 linear ft
    • 0.11 to 0.44 lb AI/ acre


Advion Insect Granular Bait may be used to control the pests listed in Table 3 in crawl spaces, finished and unfinished basements and attics of residential, industrial and commercial buildings or structures. Advion Insect Granular Bait will kill cockroaches that consume the bait granules when placed in attics, crawl spaces and basements of residential, industrial and commercial buildings or structures, but this type of application alone is not intended to provide complete control of an indoor cockroach infestation. Monitor the treated area, and reapply bait granules only as needed.

*See label for the complete directions.

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  • 1 of 5 Stars

    No Decrease in Ants

    By Becky on 08/25/2023

    While this is easy to apply outside around the house or in the little bait stations indoors, I did not see any decrease in the amount of ants. I usually use Amdro, which works right away.

    Expert ResponseExpert response:
    We would welcome the opportunity to troubleshoot the application to help get you the results you need. Please contact us at your earliest convenience!

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Devastatingly effective

    By Edward on 07/01/2022

    I bought Advion insect granular bait to control roaches that kept feeding on rodenticide bait inside my rodent bait stations. One day I was approached by a cook, who works at a commercial kitchen, who asked me what I sprayed inside their storeroom because the floor was littered with dead American Cockroaches. I told the that all I did was place the granules inside the bait station and the roaches came and shared the Advion bait with their relatives. I highly recommend this product especially in areas where there are restrictions 0n spraying or where you cannot find harborage sites.

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  • 4 of 5 Stars

    Advion ins4ct granular bait

    By Anonymous on 06/21/2024

    It seems to be very effective. I've been using these granules for about a week or so. I set it out in water bottle caps so I could "track" it. The next morning, the floor in the area of the bait was littered with dead roaches. The problem is not solved yet, but it is being more controled. So far, I am happy I tried this product. Now to see what the next few weeks bring. Hopefully, continued success!

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    little ones

    By Browniee on 06/29/2024

    It seems that the only ants liking this is the tiny little ones they took a lot down their hole and a week later no more ants.

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Questions & Answers

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Can I sprinkle Advion around foundation of house?
Advion Insect Granular Bait Insecticide is be applied around the structure of the home for a perimeter-band application for listed pests. You can also sprinkle it as a landscape boundary application or spot treatment as directed on the product label.

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Do you water Advion Insect Granular Bait Insecticide in after applying to a lawn?

You do not water in Advion Insect Granular Bait Insecticide after application 
Please refer to product label for application instructions.

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