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    step out in trust in this product

    By Wanda on 01/14/2017

    I was told about this product from contractor doing some work on our new home. Believe me, it works. I had little faith in it, before purchasing this bait. But, I was very happy that I did, knowing that, if you see one or two roaches in a new home, they will multiply very fast. So nip it in the but, before they get started. Alpine Bait is what it claim to be and more. Thanks a million. Residents of Jennings,Fl. Please try this product and watch it work.

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    Be gone, ROACHES!

    By S. on 08/06/2020

    My nice neighbors from a few apartments down moved directly under me and brought a roach party along with them. :-( I tried a few organic pesticides from my local hardware but it was messy to sprinkle. It also would be an issue for crevice areas. I lost so much sleep because I knew that I'd find a roach between 1am-3am when the lights were turned off. So after a few youtube videos and research, I found Alpine. It's very easy to use, a little goes a long way. So far, I have placed them in crevices, and inside nails and bolts. Though it's only been a week so I'll need to make an update in a few months, I CAN say that the 4 roaches I've seen have been laying on their back either dead or ready to die (on their back). Usually I just find them on their legs speeding so this is tells me that it must be working. I am really excited about it. Ordering from DMO was seamless!

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    Kills 100% . Awesome product. But usually 1 bait is enough .

    By Vikash on 05/25/2018

    Very good product. Kills 100%. But quantity is more and hence price. Plz reduce quantity

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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)