Ant baits are the most effective and easy to use ant control products on the market. Bait is brought back to the colony and spread throughout to other ants, transferring the active ingredient to ants that may not have touched the original bait. The result is quick knockdown of an entire colony, thus controlling an infestation.

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A professional gel bait insecticide that is accepted by sugar feeding ants, Acrobat, Argentine, Big-Headed, Crazy, Odorous House, Pavement, Pharaoh and others.

Ant baits are one of the best ways to get rid of ants. Because ants are one of the most numerous creatures on earth you’re very likely to have to deal with them at some point; in fact they outnumber humans by roughly a million to one. There is almost no end to the amount of trouble they can cause when they cross paths with humans, either inside or outdoors.

Not only do they get into and contaminate food, but there are also many species that bite or sting people, occasionally with life threatening results. Because they are so numerous and such highly social creatures, whose colonies can be huge, getting rid of Ants can be a somewhat daunting task especially if you have never attempted it before. The good news is there are many products available here at DoMyOwn that can help you take control of the problem and eliminate all those pesky Ants.

Why Ant Bait is the Best Way to Kill Ants

Ant Bait is one of the most effective ways of eliminating ant infestations. There are several things you should know both about ants in general, and ant baits specifically, before attempting any type of eradication. For one, ant bait, especially when used with ant traps, works particularly well because it allows the ants to carry the bait back to the colony and the queen, where the bait is spread and eventually getting rid of the entire infestation. However, not all ant baits are made the same and what works for one species might be left completely alone by another species, defeating the entire purpose.

  1. Baits are far more target specific than contact spray and dust insecticides.
  2. Baits are far more cost effective when compared with the labor-intensive inspections used to locate nests and subsequent treatment techniques which require drilling and dusting.
  3. Baits can be used in sensitive accounts where more toxic spray and dust insecticides can't, such as kitchens and food preparation areas.

*While baits do work more slowly than sprays or dusts, the delay also allows baits to work more completely and efficiently towards elimination of the entire ant colony.

The Best Ant Bait Products

On the market today, there are two main types of ant baits that work well:

1.    Maxforce Ant Bait

Maxforce ant bait gel attracts Ants that are looking for a sweet meal. It contains a potent insecticide which has the benefit of not acting immediately on the insect, so that it will eat the bait as well as take some back to its nest, thereby spreading the poison around and vastly improving the overall effectiveness of one application of this bait. Maxforce can be applied on virtually any surface where the ants might travel, and provides protection against a wide variety of species including Argentine Ants, Pavement Ants and Honey Ants.

2.    Gourmet Ant Bait

Gourmet ant bait is a liquid based sweet ant attractant that contains a powerful pesticide known as Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate, or DOT. This product will not only attract the ants and cause them to eat the pesticide, but it’s slow action will also ensure that they take much of the product back to their nest, sharing it with their queen and fellow workers and leading to a rapid decline in the size of the nest and therefore of the overall infestation.

TIP: Most ant baits work for all ants, however there are some that are specifically made to treat fire ants or carpenter ants. The name of the bait will tell you this (ie Maxforce FIRE ANT bait). 

Our Ant Baits include popular professional grade products such as Maxforce Ant Bait, Advion Ant Bait, Advance Ant Baits and more. These ant baits are not found in stores such as Lowe's, Walmart or Home Depot.  If you are looking for a type of bait that we don't carry, please call us and we can get it for you!


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Many of our products are not available in stores such as Home Depot, Walmart or Lowes.