Atrix Antimicrobial Biocide Dry Vacuum


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Atrix Antimicrobial Biocide Dry Vacuum
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The Atrix Antimicrobial Biocide Dry Vacuum (ATIBCV) cleaner has a 1,000 Watt that has a powerful high speed motor for deep, superior cleaning. While it is powerful, the Biocide is also very quiet (64 dB) for environments that are sound sensitive, such as animal and human hospitals, in-home care, and nursing facilities. All of the plastic components and attachments contain Microban that helps prevent proliferation of viruses and bacteria. Biocide contains four stages of filtration - 2 HEPA filters, a polyester filter and a paper bag. The primary filter traps the incoming particles and the secondary filter prevents the escape of the dust that comes from the carbon brushes. For added convenience, there is an indicator light that alerts the user when the bag has to be changed.

The unit is constructed with quiet operation in mind, equipped with a highly-efficient motor that has a great vacuum rating. A sound comparison for 60 dB would be a conversation in an office or background music, which is half as loud as 70 dB, which is fairly quiet. This makes the Atrix Antimicrobial Biocide Vacuum an ideal unit for commercial accounts. Great for medical cleaning needs including MRI cleaning and also for cleaning restaurants!

Product Documents


  • Before use, the equipment must be correctly assembled with all of its components.
  • Check that the electrical outlet is correct for use with the plug on the machine.
  • Before connecting, check that the specified motor voltage corresponds to the main voltage available.
  • Never use the equipment near flammable, explosive or toxic substances: sparks from the motor could cause dangerous reactions.
  • Always unplug the machine from the electrical outlet when leaving machine unattended or before attempting any repair.
  • Service and repair should be done by qualified personnel only. Use only original manufacturer’s replacement parts.


This machine is a commercial vacuum designed for dry pick up only. Must be stored in a dry location.

1. Attach paper bag to tank inlet deflector.
2. Ensure that the cartridge filter is securely attached to the bottom of the vacuum head.
3. Stretch treated pre-filter over the HEPA cartridge filter.
4. Attach filter retainer using the 2 mounting screws.
5. Place vacuum head onto the tank and secure it with the two clamps.
6. Insert hose into the tank inlet until it locks in place.
7. Attach appropriate cleaning tool.
8. Activate the vacuum by pressing the switch on the vacuum head

After Use
1. Store the cord on the hook.
2. Store the appliance indoors, away from sources of heat.
3. This appliance is provided with an automatically reset thermal limiter to avoid damage to motor. If thermal limiter operates do one or more of the following:

  • Change the bag.
  • Clean or replace the cartridge filter.
  • Check hose and tank inlet for any obstructions.
  • Wait a few minutes for the thermal limiter to re-close the circuit.

** All of the plastic components and attachments contain microban to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and viruses.

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