Bed Bug Kit Commercial

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Bed Bug Kit Commercial

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27 Reviews | 16 Q&A

Product Overview

The Commercial Bed Bug Kit provides your hotel staff or apartment staff with the same professional bed bug control products that pest control companies use. Unlike other kits you may find, the Do My Own bed bug & pest control kits contain the most effective products available based on the most current research. This kit contains the right balance of products to treat several rooms completely. Contents include 1 x 400mL bottle of Temprid FX concentrate (makes up to 50 gallons of finished solution for bed bugs), 6 x 4 oz bottle of CimeXa Dust, 1 hand dusting tool, and 4 x 17 oz. cans of Bedlam Plus Aerosol, plus a exclusive step-by-step guide complete with a hotel room diagram that shows exactly where to treat.

This kit does not come with a one-gallon hand pump sprayer, but one is required to apply the Temprid FX Insecticide.

Why do I need to use so many different products?

It is important to treat the many different areas where bed bugs hide. Each product included in the kit has a specific function to help eliminate a bedbug infestation. We do not recommend relying on one product or treatment method since bugs may avoid areas treated with certain products, or they may become resistant to certain chemicals. It is also crucial to thoroughly Inspect the treatment area for possible bed bug harborages and to follow all the Treatment steps, including follow-up treatments.

See our other Bed bug kits.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Imidacloprid, Beta-Cyfluthrin, Amorphous Silica Gel, 3-phenoxybenzyl-(1RS, 3RS, 1RS, 3SR)-2, 2-dimethyl-3-(2-methylprop-1-enyl) cyclopropanecarboxylate, N-Octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide
Target pests bed bugs
For use in hotels, apartments complexes and other commercial establishments
Application Treats 10-20 rooms or more.
NOT FOR SALE TO AZ, CT, MA, MD, NY, VT (Restricted to Licensed Applicators Only)
For NY, please choose the NY bed bug kit.
Shipping Weight 9.60 lbs


Before applying any chemicals, it is crucial to prepare the area  for treatment by removing clutter, vacuuming, steaming (optional), and encasing mattresses and box springs. Always remove and wash bed linens before treatment, and wait for treatments to dry before remaking beds. Taking time for these preparation steps will make your treatments much more successful. Using the products in your Bed Bug Kit, treat all cracks, crevices, voids, tufts, seams, and folds where bed bugs may be found. Always keep pets, children, and other people out of the treatment area until the products have dried - usually about an hour.

STEP 1 - SPRAY - Temprid FX Insecticide

*Wear gloves when mixing and handling pesticides, such as Nitrile Chemical Resistant Gloves.

*Fill the tank 1/3 -1/2  with clean, temperate water. Shake Temprid FX before opening, then add the appropriate amount of Temprid FX Insecticide Concentrate per gallon of water to sprayer tank. Use 2 x 8mL doses per gallon of water for your first treatment; use 1 x 8mL dose per gallon of water for follow-up treatments.

*Close and agitate tank to begin mixing.

*Finish filling sprayer tank and agitate once more before spraying insecticide mixture.

*Apply Temprid FX to the following areas, contacting as many bugs and eggs directly in these areas as possible:

  • Around bed and furniture legs - Inspect wheels, casters, posts, and legs of all furniture.
  • Cracks and crevices along baseboards and floor moldings
  • Beneath floor coverings and along the edges of wall-to-wall carpeting
  • On infested mattress and box springs - Remove linens, then apply to tufts, seams, folds and edges.
  • Cracks and joints in bed frames, headboards, dressers, shelves, and other furniture
  • Around door frames, window frames, and thresholds
  • Upholstered furniture - Apply only to the infested tufts, seams, folds, and edges, but do not apply to flat surfaces where prolonged human contact will occur.

*Do not remake beds or replace items on shelves or in drawers until spray has dried.

*Do not apply as a space spray or broadcast treatment to floors, floor coverings, mattresses, or other furniture.

*Try to mix only enough spray to use for the day. When finished spraying, empty sprayer completely outdoors, rinse with clean water, then store open and empty.

STEP 2 - AEROSOL SPRAY - Bedlam Plus Aerosol

*Allow the Temprid FX to dry before applying Bedlam Plus Aerosol.

*Bedlam Plus is a ready-to-use aerosol with two active ingredients, ideal for treating many areas, especially those where it may be difficult to treat with a pump sprayer.

*Using the straw nozzle and applicator will help to treat the tight areas where bed bugs like to hide the most. If you have trouble inserting the straw, try using a pair of pliers to force the tube into the spray nozzle.

*Shake the can well before using. Bedlam Plus is a water-based insecticide, but it will settle between uses.

*Apply to the very fine cracks and crevices on and in furniture around the entire room, such as:

  • Upholstered furniture - Treat along seams and folds, under cushions, around legs, and around the dust liner on the undersides.
  • Baseboards -  Treat any cracks in the baseboard and then treat underneath the baseboard to prevent bed bugs from crawling underneath and accessing adjacent rooms in the house.
  • Bed frames and headboards – Treat the undersides, corners, seams and under stapled dust cover and even the internal areas of box springs. Also spray the cracks, crevices, voids and screw holes of the bed frame.
  • Pictures and wall hangings – remove from the wall and treat cracks and crevices of picture frames and behind pictures and wall hangings.

*Do not broadcast Bedlam Plus Aerosol in areas where you have just applied the Temprid FX. It is better to use the crack and crevice straw in areas near where you have applied the Temprid SC so that you may better treat the tiny areas where bed bugs hide.

*Bedlam Plus has a foaming action to help fill voids and indicate where the spray has been applied. Hold can 8-10 inches from target surfaces when using the nozzle without a straw.

*Bedlam Plus Aerosol will kill both the bed bugs that are contacted with the direct spray and those that come across treated areas for up to two weeks.

STEP 3 - DUST - Bellow Hand Duster and CimeXa Insecticide Dust

*Once your spray application has dried, you can apply the insecticide dust.

*Using insecticide dust can be very messy, so be sure to wear gloves and consider having a moist paper towel handy to clean up excess dust.

*To fill the Bellow Hand Duster, remove the black rubber stopper on top of the duster. Fill the duster up to halfway (or less), so there is plenty of room for the dust to move inside the duster. You can use a small scoop or plastic spoon to fill the duster. Only use a dedicated tool with insecticides.

*You may want to add a few small objects such as coins, pebbles, or marbles to prevent clumping inside the duster.

*Replace the black stopper so that it fits snugly into the opening. Remove the black rubber cap from the end of the extension wand. To apply dust, hold the duster upside down, so that the extension wand is on top, then gently squeeze the bellows between the thumb and fingers.

*Apply CimeXa Dust to voids and other hidden areas where it will not be disturbed, such as:

  • Behind electrical faceplates - Remove switch and electrical plates to gain access to wall voids.
  • Along baseboards - Treat any cracks in, above, or below baseboards where the tip of the duster will fit. Also treat under the edges of carpeting where you are able.
  • Behind Headboards - Remove from the wall or dismantle to allow thorough treatment.
  • Drawers and furniture - Remove drawers and treat along tracks and support, as well as the corners and edges of the interior of the cabinet. Also treat in any hollow areas such as bed frame tubing.
  • Box Springs and upholstered furniture - Check for tears in fabric backing or other hollow areas where the tip of the duster may fit, and treat these areas.
  • Wall fixtures, lamps, and table-top lamps - Remove fixtures from walls and treat behind each one. Treat under table-top lamps and standing floor lamps.

*Be careful to avoid over-dusting. CimeXa Dust is very fine, and it only takes an extremely small amount to kill a bed bug.

*If dust escapes into open areas, simply wipe up the excess dust with a moist paper towel.

*Do not apply dust as a broadcast or in open areas where it will be moved around as it can become an irritant.


*Temprid FX should be reapplied every 7-10 days until there is no further evidence such as live bugs, cast skins or fresh blood spots found. This is absolutely crucial! Depending on the severity of the infestation it can take a minimum of 7-8 weeks, including repeat treatments. Failure to be thorough can prolong the bed bug control process and can make it harder to eliminate them.

*Bedlam Plus Aerosol controls bed bugs up to 2 weeks.

*Dust applications should be reapplied every 6-8 months, unless dust has been disturbed or otherwise removed.

*Hotel or motel rooms or apartments should not be rented until there is no evidence of bed bugs for at least 30 days to eliminate the risk of spreading infestations.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Kit works as promised

    By Rob on 10/17/2012

    Verified Purchase

    One of my apartments had a pretty bad bed bug outbreak so I purchased this kit to treat the problem. Only the downstairs unit had bed bugs but I treated both up / downstairs since they will travel. I had used one of the cockroach control kits from here previously with great success so I had confidence in the quality of the products from DoMyOwnPestControl. I like the kits as they offer several active ingredients to help combat chemical resistance in the bugs. I ended up treating several times over the course of three months. Bed bugs are tougher to eliminate than roaches. I put Alpine Dust in electrical receptacles / switches with face plates off. I used Temprid on baseboards / bead frames / cracks and crevices. And finally I put Phantom on the tuffs / seams of mattresses / sofas. Additionally I gave tenants spray bottles with Steri-Fab to spray on any bugs they noticed. During treatments the pets went to a pet sitter so they were not around until all the product dried. It looks like the bugs are gone now but I am going to treat periodically for a couple of months to make sure there are no eggs that hatch out and bring the bugs back. I also directed the tenants to strip all the bedding and launder it with high heat dryer cycle to kill anything in there at time of 1st treatment. Told them to do same for as much of their clothing as they could do.

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    50 of 51 people found this review helpful

  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Great stuff!

    By Mitch on 06/22/2011

    Verified Purchase

    This is the best stuff I've used! It kills bed bugs on the spot and surely will keep them from coming back!

    Was this review helpful to you?  YesNo

    43 of 49 people found this review helpful

  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Bed But problem

    By Al on 04/11/2012

    Verified Purchase

    The bed bugs seem to be under control. We are still cleaning and applying . It was much less to do it ourselves than to hire someone. This was my first encounter with the bed bugs. Since there are 6 appartments in the building, we needed something good. I am well satified thus far. Would recomend this product.

    Was this review helpful to you?  YesNo

    31 of 34 people found this review helpful

  • 4 of 5 Stars

    Commercial Kit

    By Tom on 04/13/2012

    Sprayed as recommended, I used this for my house,4500 sq ft. Plenty left over.

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    25 of 27 people found this review helpful

  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Bed Bug Kit Commercial - The Best

    By James on 11/25/2011

    Verified Purchase

    I am so glad I bought this product, it works great. I suggest that you buy mattress and box spring covers as well. By doing it myself I saved a lot of money. Exterminators wanted to charge $650 for one apartment.

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    23 of 26 people found this review helpful

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Questions & Answers

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What is the shelf life of the Bed Bug Kit Commercial?
As long as the products in the Bed Bug Kit Commercial are stored properly, out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, the products will last for at least three years from the date of purchase.

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17 of 17 people found this answer helpful

How many rooms will one can of Phantom Aerosol treat?
How far one can of Phantom will go will depend on a few different factors; how big the room is, how many items in the room are being treated and how heavy the applicator sprays the Phantom. If you are only spot treating with the Phantom, one can will treat 3 or 4 rooms. If you are using the Phantom to treat around the bulk of a large room one can most likely will only treat 1 room.

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11 of 11 people found this answer helpful

My house has 3 bedrooms and one large living room and carpeted all throughout. Do you think 1 kit is enough?

Do you think I should buy a bug mattress cover after applying 1 kit?

If you are talking about our Commercial Bed Bug Kit, then it would definitely be more than enough for a 3 bedroom house.  It might be way too much as the commercial kit is usually for larger apartment buildings and hotels treating 5 or more rooms.  For a 3 bedroom apt you should try our Bed Bug Kit #3.  Since the bed is the #1 harborage area for bed bugs, purchasing a bed bug proof mattress encasement dramatically improves your chances of taking care of the bed bug issue quickly and effectively.

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7 of 7 people found this answer helpful

How many number of usages does the commercial bed bug kit provide?

I need to treat 3 rooms in an apartment. How many uses does this kit provide before I would have to start buying refills?

The commercial bed bug kit should easily be able to treat 3 rooms about 5 times.  Normally you should treat a bed bug infestation every two weeks until the problem is gone.  Number of treatments is dependent upon how bad the infestation is. 

Was this answer helpful to you?  YesNo

6 of 6 people found this answer helpful

Will Alpine Dust hurt my dogs?
Alpine Dust is a very safe product and also very effective.  Like any product you need to make sure you apply it as directed and read all instructions for it to work properly on insects and be safe for your family.  Alpine Dust is meant to be applied in cracks and crevices, underneath appliances and inside wall voids.  If you apply it correctly and in these types of areas it will not be accessible for your pets and children to come in contact with but it will be in the places that bugs like to hide.  You do not have to remove the pets and children while you are treating, but it would be a good idea to have them in a different room while you are applying the dust.  After 30 minutes have passed after you have applied the product it is perfectly safe for them to be back in the room that you treated.

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5 of 5 people found this answer helpful

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Bed Bug Kit Commercial 4.5 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.7 (27 Reviews / 16 Q&A)

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