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Bed Bug Kit #3

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    bedbug kit#3

    By Grady on 08/13/2011

    Not killing the bugs as I thought it would do. The powder puff also is difficult to use. I am dissatisfied at present .maybe I should try it again with different results.

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    Don't waste your money, call a professional!

    By Mary on 10/18/2019

    I discovered bedbugs in my house, and had tried treating them with vacuuming and steamcleaning every week. It kept them down, but did not get rid of them completely, and over time, they spread to 3 bedrooms and the living room. I bought this kit with high hopes. I had read all the great reviews. First, there are no instructions that come with the kit. I did read the instructions online, and followed them as best I could. Washed and dried everything in hot water, vaccuumed everywhere, moved everything away from walls, etc, then used the powder and sprays as directed. It didn't work. It only drove the bedbugs into weird places, like on the ceilings and higher on the walls, and into other rooms. Finally ended up having to hire a professional to do the high heat treatments, which cost $1900 ($2400 with a 2 year warranty). If I would have called them when I discovered the first bed bug, I would have saved a ton of money.

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)