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B&G Versaduster

The B&G Versaduster is the newest piece of equipment from B&G to make your pest control applications easier. The Versaduster is a compressed air applied duster which plugs into any electrical outlet (does not use batteries). Great for easily treating cracks and crevices in commercial kitchens or residential applications. The B&G Versaduster has a air control knob to control how much dust is applied. Coming as a complete set, the unit comes with 2 different sized bottles for holding the dust, 2 differently sized application tips, and a 40 foot recoiled hose makes it convenient to treat any sized area.

The B&G Versaduster Complete comes with the air compressor. The B&G Versaduster Kit comes with everything but the compressor. If you already have a B&G Versafoamer or Aerosol Delivery Unit, the Versaduster Kit will easily hook up to the compressor on those units for your convenience.

  • Heavey Duty design built for years of dependable service.
  • Easily plugs into any power source.
  • "No Clog" design applies a dust applicationwith each pull of the trigger.
  • 40 Foot recoiling hose.
  • Can be purchased as a kit (without compressor) for use with a PAS or VERSA foamer.
  • No batteries Required.
  • Easily Serviced.
  • Economically Priced.

Dust output is adjustable from a very fine to a heavy application

  • Easy to fill
  • Heavy duty XR Gun
  • Works with all Dust formulations

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04/09/2014 Morris

QHow long is the wand on the B&G Versaduster and is it flexible and durable

AThe B&G Versaduster uses a 12 in. wand with 40 ft recoiled hose for treating in hard to reach areas.

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03/12/2015 Jared

QCan the VersaDuster attachment be used with a standard air compressor?

AB&G Equipment recommends using the VersaDuster attachment with B&G compressors only.

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05/31/2014 Bari from Okemos, Michigan

QIs this item returnable if defective?
There are no reviews on this item. Given it's price, I'd like some assurance I can return it if it doesn't work as advertised. I've read the return policy but does B&G have a warranty and a responsive customer service group?

AYes, the B&G Versaduster is returnable if defective and we offer a No Hassel Return Policy.

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12/11/2015 Brad from Ok

QWhat are the dimensions of the B&G Versaduster?


The†B&G Versaduster measures 12.77" X 9.17" X 5.11".

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02/19/2018 Jim from Elyria

QWhat is the pressure in PSI coming out of the compressor on the B&G Versaduster?


It is recommended to use the†B&G Versaduster†with†at least 20 PSI. You can purchase the Versaduster from us with or without the B&G Compressor.

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11/28/2017 Tony from Ca

QAre spare parts available for the B&G Versaduster? Where can I order them?


We do sell parts for the B&G Versaduster.† Please give us a call at 866-581-7378 and we will be happy to help you.

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10/29/2017 Dean

QCan I add a length of tubing to the B&G Versaduster to reach the roof line as not to have to use a ladder?


There is not another extension for the†B&G Versaduster. The hose is a 40-foot recoiled hose, so you can reach several feet from where your compressor is kept. If you need something to use from the ground to dust under eaves, then we suggest the Dustick Duster which has a 21-foot reach. If you are going to climb up close to where you need to dust, then you could also just use a hand duster such as the B&G 1150.

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