Brodifacoum is a very powerful anticoagulant poison that takes the form of an off-white odorless powder. Anticoagulant just means that the poison takes effect by taking away the blood’s ability to clot. Brodifacoum is most widely used as a rodenticide to control mice, rats and other rodents that are difficult to kill with other anticoagulant rodent baits. On occasion it is also used to kill larger mammals such as possums.
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A professional bait block rodenticide that withstands the elements including high heat and damp places where other bait blocks mold and fall apart.
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A professional bait blox rodenticide with food-grade ingredients and a single feed kill for mice and rats in commercial and residential and indoor and outdoor areas.
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A professional rodenticide bait pellets in a 25 gram throw packets for mice and rats with the active ingredient brodifacoum.
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A professional rodenticide bait in a mini-pellet form that is in a convenient sealed place packs for rodent control professionals.
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A professional rodenticide that is highly palatable soft bait with the single-feed, second generation anticoagulant, Brodifacoum at a lower toxicity level of 0.0025%.
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A professional all-weather rodenticide that is mold and moisture-resistant to control mice and rats, as well as Norway rats.
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A professional all-weather rodenticide with food-grade ingredients that targets and kills mice and rats.
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A specially formulated bait in a place pack that effectively kills rats and mice, including warfarin-resistant Norway rats.
How does Brodifacoum work to kill rodents?
When rats or mice ingest rodent bait containing the active ingredient brodifacoum, it immediately begins to inhibit and steadily decrease Vitamin K levels in the blood. This prevents the blood from being able to clot and will eventually lead to death. It usually only requires one feeding of bait for the poison to be effective.

Brodifacoum is extremely lethal to rodents, birds, fish, and other small mammals.  It is considered to be only of low acute toxicity to humans because of its low bait concentration and delayed effect.  Brodifacoum should not be hazardous to humans, pets, or wildlife as long as it is used and applied according to the product label. Products with this type of active ingredient should always be used in a child-proof bait station if children and pets are around.

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