Bug Spray Aerosols

The Best Bug & Insect Spray Aerosols For Your Home

Here at Do My Own Pest Control you will find the best bug spray aerosol products available today. We have everything from the most effective bed bug spray,to the protective equipment to keep you safe. We also have additives and synergists that will make the pesticides more effective.

We carry three different types of aerosol bug sprays:

  1. Contact kill aerosols - These are perfect for when you need to paralyze or kill a bug instantly (like wasps).
  2. Residual aerosols - Use these when you are able to wait for the insecticide to spread throughout the entire colony. This is better when you want to get rid of the source of the problem, and not just the bugs you can see.
  3. Non-repellent aerosols - These are great because the bugs don't know they have it on them until it's too late and they have already spread the insecticide to the rest of the colony. 

If you have any questions aboue which aerosol bug spray to use, call us at 866-581-7378.

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A professional aerosol insecticide that effectively kills over 19 flying and crawling insects.
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A home insecticide that kills ant, roaches, spiders and more. Comes in an 18 oz aerosol.
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Replacement parts for the BASF Prescription Treatment System III
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A specially formulated aerosol spray that provides effective crack and crevice treatment for areas where pests crawl and hide.

Bug & Insect Spray - An Effective Solution

Aerosol bug spray products are an important tool in the fight against flying pests such as flies, mosquitoes and stink bugs. They are the best way to deliver potent pesticides directly to these bugs, as they are unlikely to land on any one surface long enough for surface treatments to have an effect. One huge advantage of using aerosol pesticide products, such as bug spray, is the fact that you don’t need to worry about getting to the cracks and crevices that bugs usually hide in; instead, you can just spray the areas that need to be treated and wait for the results.

A Few Quick Tips On Using Bug Spray Aerosols

•    You should always be aware of the potential dangers posed by the misuse or mishandling of home bug spray. Because of their method of action, being suspended in the air, they have the potential to cause serious and negative health effects if they are inhaled or if the person doing the application is over exposed to them. Therefore you should think about investing in some good safety equipment such as a respirator mask and protective covering for your clothes before you attempt to use any aerosol products.

•    Be aware that aerosol products are only useful for infestations involving flying insects, therefore if you have crawling or burrowing insects like roaches or termites you will want to buy either topical products such as roach bait or foaming products to deal with the problem.

•    Although the products we sell are safe to use in the home and around family and pets, there are a few precautions you should take before applying them. The most important thing is to keep both pets and children clear of the treated area before, during and after the application or spraying. Each product has a different amount of time that is needed before it is safe to return to a room, but as a general rule of thumb it is best to wait several hours before using a room after you have applied any aerosol pesticide products.

•    If you’re interested in the safest possible products, it’s best to use natural and organic insect spray. Either of these product categories contains safe bug sprays that will still give you the power you need to get rid of any bugs that might infest your home.

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