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Brian from Mi writes

Can Bonide Triple Super Phosphate be used in a spreader for a phosphate-deficient lawn?


Bonide Triple Super Phosphate 0-45-0 could potentially be applied using a spreader, if you can properly calibrate a spreader to apply at the rates listed on the product label. However, this product is not labeled for use on lawns. Fertilizers which have only Phosphate or Phosporous in the primary analysis (such as 0-45-0) will be only for ornamental plants (not turf) since extra phosphorous is typically only needed for new lawns or perhaps when overseeding to help new seed establish. Adding phosphorous to lawns at any other time is actually prohibited in many states. You may want to consider a natural fertilizer such as Milorganite, which has readily available Phosporous, or a lawn starter fertilizer such as Fertilome New Lawn Starter 9-13-7 if you have a new lawn. You could also use an all-purpose balanced fertilizer such as Pennington 19-19-19, depending on the other needs of your turf.

Answer last updated on: 03/25/2018

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