Squirrel Control

We typically do not think as squirrels as pests until they invade homes and scavange trash cans. Remove these disease-carrying critters from your property yourself using our squirrel control products, including traps and repellents. These professional grade products work fast to get squirrels off your property and away from the home.

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A highly palatable Ground Squirrel bait for adding to squirrel bait stations.
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Heavy-duty, dark green bait station that is ideal for ground squirrels. Has child resistant closure.
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A high-quality standard trap designed to catch rodents, small squirrels, and chipmunks.
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A great paste bait that features food grade ingredients and not chemicals, great in attracting flying squirrels, chipmunks and rodents.
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Multiple sizes available
This animal repellent concentrate is made from all natural ingredients but is repulsive to vermin and other undesirable pests.
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Multiple sizes available
An animal repellent that repels moles, voles, rabbits and others from lawns and gardens.
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A multi-catch live trap for ground squirrels
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A professional live trap for squirrel and muskrat sized animals with easy release door.
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A live trap suitable for trapping skunks, squirrels, and rabbits.
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Multiple sizes available
A hot-pepper animal repellent that repels deer, rabbits and squirrels.
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A one way door for squirrels and other small animals.
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The E50D has a rear door that lets you use the trap as either an excluder OR a trap to catch excluded animals.
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Model SP30 Squirrel Pack is a squirrel removal system which includes (1) model E30 excluder and (2) model SPT30 repeating traps. The repeating traps have one trap door and an easy release rear door.
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An all around animal deterrent that can be used both in residential and commercial areas.
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Model SPT30 Repeating Live Trap with One Trap Door and Easy Release Door for use with model SP30 Squirrel Packs.
Kaput Ground Squirrel Bait Quick View
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Multiple sizes available
A highly palatable ground squirrel bait.
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A professional-grade barrier sealant that provides outstanding durability and adhesion to seal without any synthetic toxins or harmful residue.
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An organic solution to squirrels and chipmunks that tresspass attics and basements with odorless and fast-drying formula.
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A simple bait and set trap that will help catch squirrels.

How To Get Rid Of Squirrels

•    Squirrel Traps

Squirrel traps, or cages, are the best way to deal with a few scattered squirrels that are intruding on your trash or food storage areas. The traps we sell are humane and designed to keep the squirrel alive without harm so that it can be returned to the wild far away from where it is causing a problem.

These squirrel traps are baited with whatever is available that the animal will find enticing. The trap then will close as soon as the squirrel has entered it and triggered the release mechanism. Using these traps requires that you check them often, as they can only catch one animal at a time, and leaving the squirrel in the trap for an extended period will lead to its death.

You will also want to be sure that you are not attracting other pests with the bait, although it is likely that the squirrels will be the first to enter the trap if they are placed near where the infestation is occurring. 

•    Squirrel Repellent

For times when trapping the animals is not appropriate, using a squirrel repellent might be just what you need to remove them from your home or yard. These repellents are formulated to be non-toxic and can be applied in virtually any situation. They are incredibly unpleasant to the animals but are nearly undetectable to humans.

One added benefit to the squirrel repellents we sell are that they are also approved to repel rodents such as rats and mice, leaving your home safe from all kinds of mammalian pests that might want to invade it.

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