Carpenter Ants

Have carpenter ants? Carpenter ants can damage wood and homes, so control and prevention is essential. DoMyOwn has you covered. Our wide selection of professional grade carpenter ant control solutions will help you control ants both in and outside of your home. 

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What do Carpenter Ants Look Like?

  • Carpenter Ants are often called the “Big Black Ant” although some subspecies may be reddish-brown in color.
  • Size may range from ¼ inch to ¾ inch.
  • The ants you see may be either wingless workers or winged reproductive ants from the colony


As carpenter ants bore their nests, they leave behind several piles of fibrous, finely shredded sawdust-like material called “frass”. Faint clicking or rustling sounds within walls may also be an indication of the presence of Carpenter Ants. Carpenter Ants form tight, close trails that can be traced to the nesting areas. Trails are most often found along carpet edges, door frames, fence tops, etc. (Keep in mind that an occasional ant does not indicate the presence of a nest in your home; scouts from outside nests will travel up to the length of a football field to find food. Continuous or numerous ants are a better sign of nesting.)

Carpenter Ant Control:

  1. If you suspect the carpenter ants are entering from an outdoor location, try a perimeter treatment with a liquid bait such as Termidor SC Insecticide. Termidor SC is one of the best carpenter ant control products on the market.

    Using a professional Chapin sprayer, spray Termidor SC around the outside foundation of the home. Spray about 2 to 3 feet up the side of the house from the ground and about 1 foot out from the house. Also spray around window frames and door frames and other cracks where carpenter ants may get in. You can also spray any nests near the house, or around the base of infested trees. Termidor cannot be sprayed indoors. For indoor and outdoor carpenter ant control use the Inside-Out program mentioned below:
    The INSIDE-OUT Program - The Ultimate in carpenter ant control: Spray Phantom Insecticide indoors along the baseboards and near carpenter ant activity, and then use Termidor SC outside around the foundation of the home as was mentioned above. This will give you the best results for all types of ants.
  2. Apply Delta Dust using a hand duster inside walls an d other voids where Carpenter ants are nesting. Dust very lightly as not to disturb the colony. Carpenter ant nests indoors (called satellite colonies, because there is almost always a larger nest outside the home) are usually found in warm moist areas near window sills or in attics or roof overhangs.
  3. If you don't know exactly where the nest is, or it is hard to get to, then baiting is you best bet. Use Advance Carpenter Ant Bait and Maxforce Ant Bait Gel near places where you see carpenter ant activity. Combine this with Termidor SC outside for the ultimate double-punch. Advance carpenter ant bait can also be applied outside around the perimeter of your home and around the base of trees, firewood piles, stumps, or other places carpenter ants might nest.

For more information about carpenter ant control please feel free to contact a representative.

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