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Protect your feline friend from irritating, biting pests with our wide selection of cat flea and tick products. Also, protect your home and yard from fleas, ticks, and others pests with our premise pest control products.

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Flea and tick protection is available in many forms. Topical treatments are medications applied on the cat’s back while chewables are ingested with food. These monthly medications will help repel pests away from your cat.

Flea and tick powders are rubbed on the cat and can last for a few days to several weeks depending on the product. Flea and tick collars, plus flea and tick sprays, can always be used for extra protection, especially for outdoor cats.

Dips and shampoos are a smart option for cats that are infested with fleas to help control and kill the infestation. Along with our flea and tick products, we have a wide range of pest control products for the home and yard to help prevent lice and other pests from bothering your cats and kittens.

Check with your veterinarian and read the product label to determine if a product is suitable for your cat, especially if your cat is young.

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Fleas on Cats

There are many different species of flea, but the ctenocephalides felis, or the “cat flea,” is the most common type of flea on cats, dogs, rabbits, people and other animals, and is the most common cat parasite. Fleas require a blood meal to reproduce, meaning they bite and suck blood from you and your pets. The saliva causes an allergic reaction, causing itching. In young and old cats, flea infestations can cause more extreme reactions, like anemia. Fleas are also intermediate hosts of tapeworms. Cats will get infested from coming in contact with other infested animals.

Cat Flea Treatment & Control

Use a flea comb to search for telltale signs of fleas on your cat. Look for “salt and pepper” like grains; the “salt” are eggs, and the “pepper” are feces. Flea combs also help to remove fleas on the surface. If you have determined that your pet has fleas, you must then decide how you want to treat your pet. 

  • Traditional flea treatments for pets often include powders, sprays, and shampoos. 
  • Powders and sprays often have some residual effect. These products are often rubbed into the cat’s fur and can work for a few weeks at killing eggs and repelling adults. Sprays often contain insect growth regulators (IGRs) that stop fleas from reaching the reproduction stage. Some sprays and powders can be found in natural formulas, and some all-natural flea remedies can provide some relief for your itchy pet.
  • Shampoos are excellent for killing live fleas on your pet, but do not have any long-lasting effect, so eggs may hatch or fleas in other areas of your home could re-infest your pet. 
  • Flea medicines for cats, like Program, Advantage, and Frontline, and Revolution have become the number one choice for flea control because they are safer for pets and easier to use and more effective. Some, like Program, are ingested, but others are applied to the pet’s skin. Flea medicines can also be used for flea prevention.

Treating Your Home for Fleas

If you have indoor cats that have been infested, it is very likely the fleas are living in all areas pets frequent, like sleeping spaces. If you treat your pet, your efforts could be wasted if all the areas they love to spend time in are full of fleas. And if your house has fleas, it is only a matter of time before they start bothering you, too. Follow our indoor flea treatment guide to make sure your entire house is flea-free.

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