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Catchmaster Clothes Moth Trap

Catchmaster Clothes Moth Trap is specially designed to catch case-making cloths moth and webbing clothes moth. This glue trap features a high-quality adhesive with an attractant that imitates the scent of naturally occurring sex pheromones. Multiple tests in the laboratory has proven that it attracts more target compared to other products. It is developed to provide long-lasting and fast-acting solutions to help with moth management. It comes with IPM chart and printed grid to let you monitor the population and identification of species. The attractant is on the trap itself, so no need to do anything else.  

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Work well
    By Jim in Jacksonville, Florida on 04/22/2017

    I had a 'big name' pest control company come out recently. The main reason I choose this company was that they, allegedly, tackled clothes moths. Whelp, the tech didn't know this- it was news to him. He placed some traps, but didn't put the bait in. They did nothing for a month. I ordered these and within days, I caught 6 moths. Very happy and will order them again.

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  • 1 of 5 stars  Did not catch one clothes moth
    By Jen in Philadelphia, PA on 04/23/2017

    We did not catch one single webbing clothes moth with these traps despite seeing 10-12 a day. I tried putting the traps everywhere the moths seemed to be with no luck over the course of two weeks. Dry cleaning our clothing and keeping everything in zippered garment bags whilst smacking the visible moths with rolled paper did eventually do the trick. Overall this product was pretty disappointing and ending up being a waste of money.

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  • 5 of 5 stars  WOW!
    By Eleanor in Ocala, FL on 12/01/2017

    When I first opened the little packett with the patch that lures these moths, I suddenly have several flying around my hands to get to it! I didn't know I had that many around! I would only see one or two every other day but trying to kill them with my hands didn't work as they mysteriously would disappear and of course I missed killing them. The sticky stuff works great too in capturing them! So glad I ordered this!

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05/23/2017 David from Pelham, Ny

QHow long is the Catchmaster Clothes Moth Trap effective?
The question is when do the pheromones dissipate and the trap needs to be replaces


Catchmaster Clothes Moth Trap should be replaced every 4-6 weeks. Be sure to only use no more than two traps in your home at a time.

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03/14/2017 Laura from Gary, In

QDoes the Catchmaster Clothes Moth Trap have 2 different pheromones for 2 different moths?
I never see the moths, only the damage, but I have seen the "cases. "


Catchmaster Clothes Moth Trap†contains a proprietary blend of scents that mimics naturally occurring sex pheromones that works for both webbing and case making clothes moths.

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