Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs give lawns drought-like symptoms, leading to dead grass. Keep your lawn looking lush year round and protected from pests with DoMyOwn’s chinch bug control products.

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A water soluble 6% azadirachtin powder insecticide and insect growth regulator.
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A biological liquid insecticide that effectively eliminates and controls the spread of thrips, aphids and others from damaging field and greenhouse crops.
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A professional insecticide that controls several landscape and turf pests.

Chinch Bugs Killer Options

To understand how to get rid of Chinch Bugs, we must first understand what they do. Although most people are familiar with weed problems in their grass, and the weed killers that can ameliorate them, some might not be so familiar with the multitudes of bugs that are capable of preying on and destroying your lawn, like Chinch Bugs.

Chinch Bugs do the most damage to St. Augustine grass, which is quite common in the Southern United States. Chinch Bugs suck nutrients from the root system of the grass and while doing so inject a toxin into the stalk that cause the grass to die, leaving unsightly brown patches of dead grass on your lawn.

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