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    d force

    By Fern on 09/05/2011

    Verified Purchase

    This product kills the roaches fast on direct contact but not effective when you spray it in the areas that roaches frequent. Its too expensive in my opinion to only work with direct contact

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    D- Force HPX Operation

    By Udiavar on 08/20/2010

    Verified Purchase

    The Bed Bug Spray is provided with a separate spray nozzle to be fitted on the plastic tube on the can. It is quite difficult to fit the nozzle with hand. On calling your customer srevice was given the video solution of holding the tube with pliers and inserting the nozzle. While that may work for the crevice plastic tube which was not provided to me there is no way a plier can be used to put the nozzle on the can. Finally the solution was to position the nozzle on the plastic tube and give it gentle thump with a rubber mallet. You may like to include this in the operating instructions.

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    Poor design

    By Martha on 04/07/2016

    When trying to spray, the chemical drips on can and hands and does not spray in full force like the old design of the cans.

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    Dead and Dying

    By Dick on 06/05/2011

    Verified Purchase

    I'll have to reserve an excellent rating for later. So far D-Force has done a pretty good job of killing the flying ants, but they seem to keep coming. I've sprayed twice now and still see a few live ants walking about, coming from god knows where. Maybe I've killed enough to not have them return next year.

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    Effectiveness on American Cockroaches (Big Ones)

    By Phil on 09/10/2017

    I haven't read too many consumer reviews of this product against P. Americana specifically. For reference, P. Americana is NOT the German cockroach. It is much, much bigger (1.5 to 3 inches long), red in color. Called the Palmetto Bug in the south, and the American Cockroach properly. It is nasty. I have a nest of them in a unit and am in the early stages of eradication. I've only zapped ones out in the open with D-Force. Results are so-so. On a young adult, it took a long hit right in the frontal section and top of body to get a reaction. The insect "freaked out" for long minutes before dying, running around crazily, then seizing repeatedly. About 15 minutes from spray/hit to mortality. On 2 large adults it took multiple direct hits of product to get a reaction. One "freaked out", but only after FOUR direct hits spread out over two encounters separated by 20 minutes, while the other just, eventually, dropped from the wall and rustled around in some boxes following a long blast in the face and top-front section. I am not entirely sure the second specimen died since I haven't found the body yet. Keeping in mind that this is not a "drop dead" product, I am nonetheless not terribly optimistic about its having any residual effect against P. Americana in the very weak concentration left over from spraying. We'll see. Some findings from my readings: Many populations of cockroaches have developed resistance to commonly used pyrethroids, such as the Deltamethrin used as the active ingredient in this product. The .06% concentration of Deltamethrin in these cans seems pretty weak considering the "full strength" buy-in-bulk concentration available on this site is listed at 2.5%. (Maybe I should try that instead). The latest fomulation of the commonly-available Raid Max Ant & Roach spray has Deltamethrin at .05% plus Imiprothrin (another synthetic pyrethroid insecticide) at .101%. That sounds promising, too, and it's cheaper. I'm trying it. However, I suspect that the population of P. Americana resident in this unit are perhaps somewhat resistant. In some stage of resistance perhaps; my own experience is far from conclusive. However, I am looking beyond pyrethroids for chemical solutions. Hope this helps. Keep in mind that YOUR P. Americana population may have a completely different profile vis a vis resistance/sensitivity to various insecticides. Also, my "testing" of this product is far from complete. So far, though, I can only give it three stars. Yes, it worked as designed, but only, so far, with massive application directly to the insect. The jury is out. Nice can/spray action, though. Powerful and sniper accurate at ten feet.

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