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Marie from Huntsville, Alabama writes

Does Dominion 2L treat crepe myrtle scale?

Black debris on trees from scale. I see it in our area everywhere on crepe myrtles. Mine have it, too. How do I use this? Does protective gear includes a special mask? Can I use it in same container that I use for other products. I'd rather not spray this, so root application to drip line? I watched the film, but want to be safe!


You can use Dominion 2L insecticide to treat scale on your crepe myrtle trees. You would apply this as a drench around the root system of each tree while the trees are actively growing. This is typically done in spring after petal fall. You would use 0.1 – 0.4 oz of Dominion 2L per inch of trunk diameter at breast height diluted in water in a bucket or watering can and poured around the base of each tree. We generally recommend that you pair a soil drench with a topical spray such as a horticultural oil or a pyrethroid such as Talstar P for fastest results when treating for scale. 

Answer last updated on: 01/14/2020

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