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Pat from Ny writes

Does this work on clothes moths and their larvae, and is it safe to use in a closet with clothes?


  Pro-Control Plus Total Release - 6 oz would not be recommended only because the label on mentions small moths and does not name the species of moth. While the Pro Control Plus Total Release 6oz fogger will leave an 8 week residual, it would not be the best treatment for long term control. Most foggers will only affect the moths that are out during the time the fog is being dispursed. Please take a moment to reveiew our Clothes Moth Control Article for additional information on treatments. There are different varieties of Cloths Moths. If you are unsure of what type of moth you have, we recommened contacing your local extension office for a proper I.D.  Clothes Moths Control Page   

Answer last updated on: 05/20/2018

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