Dynatrap Indoor Insect Trap with Optional Wall Mount (DT0500IN)


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Dynatrap Indoor Insect Trap with Optional Wall Mount (DT0500IN) trap (DT0500IN) $109.00
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Dynatrap Indoor Insect Trap with Optional Wall Mount (DT0500IN)
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The Dynatrap Indoor Insect Trap with Optional Wall Mount (DT0500IN) is an effective indoor insect trap that can be wall mounted. It can eliminate moths and other flying insects without the odor, burning smell and other harmful chemicals other traps have. An ultimate insect trap imitates the natural conditions of human habitation. Insects get attracted inside the trap into an integrated fan that traps and sends them into a vessel, killing the insects through dehydration. This product has 1 year warranty and effectively covers up to 1290 sq. ft.

Replacement bulbs can be purchased here

How the Dynatrap Mosquito Trap Works:

Flying insects are attracted to the unit by UV light and C02 that is generated by the photo-catalysis between the UV lamps and special Ti02 coating. The fan then pulls the insects into the screened base, trapping them until they dehydrate and die. The base can be removed, allowing the contents to be periodically empties into the trash. The see - through screen shows the insects trapped in the compartment, alerting you when the net needs to be emptied.

Installation and Operating Instructions:

1. Unpack unit. Save carton for off-season storage.

2. If mounting the unit on a wall, place approximately 5 - feet above floor or ground level for optimal catch rate and easy access for cleaning.

3. Plug cord into an outlet and push the power switch to the "ON" position. For best catch results leave unit on at all times, except when cleaning or servicing.

4. Catch rate activity will be higher at night. For best catch results it is recommended to place unit away from other competing light sources.


Frequent cleaning will prolong the life of the unit, insure fire prevention and provide for more efficient operation.

1. Be sure to clean the unit at least once a week.

2. Switch the unit off and unplug before cleaning.

3. For weekly cleaning, remove the retaining cage and remove any build up from the inside of the retaining cage and fan with a brush.

4. Replace bulbs once a year after peak season. (recommended)

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06/30/2015 Patty from Missoula, Mt

QIs there a lure other than the light on the Dynatrap Indoor Insect Trap?
our home is infested with no see ums and obviously we didn't realize it until we had lived there for some time. they have invaded our furniture, beds and clothing. my husband is covered with bites. the rest of the family does not get bitten. we have pulled our carpeting and replaced with wood flooring. and have yet to replace our furniture... is there an additional lure we can use with the Dynatrap?? we want to purchase furniture, but not have it also become re-infested... HELP!! We have has professional spraying inside and out, but are fighting a loosing nightmare


There is no lure that comes with the Dynatrap Indoor Insect Trap with Optional Wall Mount. Insects are drawn inside the device, an integrated fan traps and sends the insects to a receptacle where they die of dehydration. We would recommend getting an actual identification to see what you are dealing with. We would be happy to recommend an insecticide that can be used in your home.

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