Espoma Naturals Sani-Care Premium Hardwood Bedding

Espoma Naturals Sani-Care Premium Hardwood Bedding

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Product Overview

The Espoma Naturals Sani-Care Premium Hardwood Bedding are all-natural hardwood beddings that are made from Birch, Beech and Maple woods. It does not contain chemical additives of any kind. The woods are processed into MicroCubes, where each granule has more surface area to absorb liquids. This technology ensures higher absorbency and proper sanitization for better and safer stalls for your animals. It also provides quicker moisture absorption, avoiding bacteria growth and prevents diseases from forming or spreading inside the animal's stalls. With its superior absorbency, the hardwood beddings last 4-8 times longer than regular bedding material. This is ideal for animals that require extra-absorbent bedding. The hardwood also forms clumps overtime, which makes sifting and disposing of saturated Sani-Care quick and easy. The Sani-Care hardwood beddings are easy to maintain and can be used right out of the bag. The product comes in 1.7 cubic foot bag that weights 23 lbs. 

Features and Specs

For use in Large animal beddings
Application Coverage for a 12' x 12' stall, 2" deep, is about 14 bags of Sani-Care. For other stall sizes, follow the instructions on the product label.
Pet safe Yes, if followed by directions on label.
Coverage Area 1.7 cubic foot per bag
Special Features NIH health standards approved.
Shipping Weight 23.00 lbs
Manufacturer The Espoma Company (Mfg. Number: 80117)


Other Benefits of Sani-Care Premium Hardwood Beddings:

  • Dust-Free: Sani-Care is virtually dust-free and contains no chemical additives or paper sludge of any kind.

  • Long-Term Savings: Sani-Care is consistently the best value in large animal bedding. Superior siftability reduces bedding loss to only the saturated material. This makes it the most cost effective bedding with long-term savings.

  • Reduced Waste: Unlike shavings and flakes, the need for regular stall stripping is virtually eliminated. Sani-Care waste disposal and its associated costs are greatly reduced.

  • Safety: Facilitates cleaner, drier stalls for improved animal health. Meets NIH health standards. Sani-Care is not a food source for animals. Does not get caught in hooves to promote disease.

  • Comfort: Sani-Care can be applied at your desired depth. It cushions hooves with a fine, non-irritating granular texture and no sharp edges to get caught and cause discomfort.

  • Odor Control: Sani-Care contains no perfumes. It helps control odor by absorbing the offending liquid for removal.

How To Use:

You can use Sani-Care like any other bedding with which you are familiar, but with better results. We recommend using a thicker layer (4 to 6 inches) for stalls with dirt or cement floors, and thinner layers (1 to 3 inches) for stalls with rubber mats or soft footing. The size of your animals and their health will also influence the amount of Sani-Care that you choose to use in the stall.


Coverage for a 12' x 12' stall, 2" deep, is about 14 bags of Sani-Care.


Use a fine-tined manure fork in order to take full advantage of Sani-Care's siftable nature. You now have the ability to separate the manure from the bedding and extend the use of the Sani-Care indefinitely to minimize your bedding costs. Simply dispose of urine saturated and clumped Sani-Care to maintain the cleanest stalls. If cost reduction is a high priority, you can either mix the saturated clumps with dry Sani-Care already in the stall or with additional Sani-Care from the bag to extend its usefulness.


  • Sift out clumps and manure with a fin-tined manure fork and collect into a much bucket, wheel barrow or manure spreader.

  • Rake remaining material to maintain even distribution.

  • Add more Sani-Care as needed or if desired.

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

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Espoma Naturals Sani-Care Premium Hardwood Bedding

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