Fertilome Rooting Powder


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Fertilome Rooting Powder

Fertilome Rooting Powder is a recommended product for treating plant roots, whether inside or out. Just select the desired cuttings from your plants, moisten the cuttings, and dip the cutting into the powder. Dip it until the stem is covered up to the point that it will be placed into the soil. Remove any excess powder on the cutting by tapping the plant on the edge of the product container, letting the extra powder fall back into the container. Place the cutting into the desired rooting medium, making sure that the powder isn't rubbed off when inserting. Keep the medium moist until the roots of the cutting have started growing. It is also great for general treatment of roots, bulbs, and ornamental plants. Easy product to use, just cut, dip, and plant!


Select cuttings from a vigorous healthy plant. Tips should be 2” to 8” long. Cuttings should be from stems that are brittle.

Cut just below a node or leaf with a sharp knife.

Remove any leaves or flowers at the base of the cutting.

Before Dipping in powder, smooth stemmed cuttings should be slightly moistened. Cuttings with rough stems should not be moistened before treatment.

Dip in powder to a depth that will cover the stem lightly to a point slightly higher than the cutting will be set in the rooting medium. To remove excess powder, tap on the edge of the container, letting excess fall back into the unused rooting powder.

Plant: Any rooting medium may be used, but a mixture of sand and peat potting soil has been found very satisfactory for most vegetative reproduction. Be sure that the trench or hole in the soil is large enough so that the powder is not rubbed off when inserting the cuttings. Firm soil around cutting to avoid air pockets.

Keep rooting medium moderately moist until roots are established. Treated cuttings should not have less than a 60ºF temperature.


Place Ferti-lome Rooting Powder and bulbs, corms or roots into a sealed bag or container. Shake well to deposit a light coating. Screen off excess powder for future use.

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05/25/2016 Dwayne from Marrero, La

QCan I use Fertilome Rooting Powder on fruit trees?


No, Fertilome Rooting Powder is only labeled for use on ornamentals and/or house plants.

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