Fertilome Weed Out With Crabgrass Killer RTU

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Fertilome Weed Out With Crabgrass Killer RTU

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Product Overview

Fertilome Weed Out With Crabgrass Killer RTU is a powerful herbicide that targets and kills unwanted weeds. Contains active ingredients that help in controlling crabgrass and other weed problems in every lawn. The Fertilome Weed - Out With Crabgrass Killer RTU controls more than 200 types of broadleaf weeds. Targets weeds such as chickweed, morning glory, sunflower, dandelion, poison oak, thistle, and buttercup. It is proven to be rainproof for an hour after the application plus, it is convenient to use with its ready-to-use packaging. Works by entering the leaves of weeds and spreading throughout the entire plant to kill it. It can be used on both warm and cool-season lawns and can cover up to 2,500 square feet. Available in a 32 oz. bottle.

For use in California: Biotypes of large and smooth crabgrass in California have shown varied response to this product. If control failure occurs following a full or split application, DO NOT reapply this product. Change to a herbicide with a different mode of action.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient 2,4-D, dimethylamine salt - 0.313% Quinclorac - 0.104% Dicamba, dimethylamine salt - 0.029%
Target pests Crabgrass, Barnyardgrass, Foxtail, Black-Eyed Susan, Buttercup, Catnip, Chickweed, Dandelion, Dollarweed, Ground Ivy, Jimsonweed. Morning Glory, Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Ragweed, Sunflower, Thistle.
*See label for the full list.
For use in Residential lawns, cool and warm season turfgrass.
Application Shake well. Adjust the nozzle to coarse spray pattern to minimize wind drift. Spray the weeds only. Spray to lightly cover broadleaf and grass weeds.
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on label.
Formulation Ready-to-use liquid formula.
Special Features Rainproof for one hour.
Shipping Weight 2.40 lbs
Manufacturer VPG (Mfg. Number: FE11036)
UPC 732221110366
EPA Registration 2217-906-7401



It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.


  • Do not apply this product in a way that will contact any person or pet, either directly or through drift.
  • Keep people and pets out of the area during application. Do not allow people or pets to enter the treated area until sprays have dried.
  • Apply when daytime temperatures are between 50° and 90°F (do not apply above 85°F for Bermudagrass). Do not treat when air temperatures exceed 90°F as damage to turfgrass may occur.
  • Do not apply this product to food crops (gardens, fruits, and vegetables), forage crops, or ornamental plants including flowers, trees, shrubs, hedges, woody ornamentals, groundcovers established in landscape plantings and other nontarget plants.
  • Do not spray the exposed roots of ornamentals and trees.
  • This product is for spot treatment only.
  • Do not use clippings from the treated area as compost or mulch in vegetable gardens, flower beds or around other desirable plants.



Fertilome Weed Out With Crabgrass Killer RTU contains three proven weed killers that target lawn weeds and crabgrass. The herbicides enter the lawn weeds through their leaves and move inside the weeds, even down into the roots. And lawns listed on this label will not be harmed when used as directed.


Fertilome Weed Out With Crabgrass Killer RTU is intended for the treatment of individual weeds, patches of weeds or sparse weeds scattered throughout home lawns. Fertilome Weed Out With Crabgrass Killer RTU can be applied to the following established turfgrass species:

Cool Season Turfgrass

  • Kentucky bluegrass
  • Ryegrass, perennial and annual
  • Tall Fescue
  • Mixtures of cool-season grasses containing fine fescues (red, hard and chewings) and bentgrass

Warm Season Turfgrass

  • Bermudagrass, common and hybrid
  • Zoysiagrass 
  • Buffalograss

DO NOT apply Fertilome Weed Out With Crabgrass Killer RTU  to the following:

Warm Season Turfgrass

  • St. Augustinegrass 
  • Bahiagrass
  • Centipedegrass
  • Carpetgrass
  • Seashore paspalum

Other Areas

  • Lawns with desirable clovers or legumes
  • Dichondra
  • Ornamental plants (flowers, trees, groundcovers, landscape beds, and shrubs) 
  • Turfgrass species that are not listed on this label.
  • Gardens including vegetables, fruit trees, vines, and berries


GRASS WEEDS: Crabgrass (large and smooth), Foxtail (green, yellow and giant), Kikuyugrass and Broadleaf Signalgrass 


Annual Yellow Sweetclover, Aster, Austrian Fieldcress, Bedstraw, Beggarticks, Betony, Florida, Bindweed, Field, Bird Vetch, Bitter Wintercress, Bittercress, Hairy, Bitterweed, Black-Eyed Susan, Black Medic, Black Mustard, Blackseed Plantain, Blessed Thistle, Bloodflower Milkweed, Blue Lettuce, Blue Vervain, Bracted Plantain, Brassbuttons, Bristly Oxtongue, Broadleaf Dock, Broadleaf Plantain, Broomweed, Buckhorn, Buckhorn Plantain, Bulbous Buttercup, Bull Thistle, Bullnettle, Burclover, Burdock, Burning Nettle, Burweed, Buttercup, Buttonweed, Canada Thistle, Carolina Geranium, Carpetweed, Catchweed Bedstraw, Catnip, Catsear, Chickweed, Common, Chickweed, Mouseear, Chicory, Cinquefoil, Clover, Crimson, Clover, Hop, Clover, Red, Clover, Strawberry, Clover, Sweet, Clover, White, Cockle, Cocklebur, Common Mullein, Creeping Jenny (Creeping Charlie), Cudweed, Curly Dock, Daisy, English, Daisy Fleabane, Daisy, Oxeye, Dandelion, Dichondra, Dogbane, Dogfennel, Dollarweed, False Dandelion, Falseflax, False Sunflower, Fiddleneck, Florida Pusley, Frenchweed, Galinsoga, Goathead, Goldenrod, Ground Ivy, Gumweed, Hairy Fleabane, Hawkweed, Healall, Heartleaf Drymary, Heathaster, Hedge Bindweed, Hedge Mustard, Hemp, Henbit, Hoary Cress, Hoary Plantain, Hoary Vervain, Horsenettle, Jimsonweed, Knawel, Knotweed, Kochia, Lambsquarters, Lespedeza, Mallow, Matchweed, Mexicanweed, Milk Vetch, Morningglory, Mouseear Hawkweed, Mugwort, Musk Thistle, Mustard, Narrowleaf Plantain, Narrowleaf Vetch, Nettle, Orange Hawkweed, Oriental Cocklebur, Oxalis, Parsley-Piert, Parsnip, Pearlwort, Pennycress, Pennywort, Peppergrass, Pepperweed, Pigweed, Pineywoods Bedstraw, Plains Coreopsis (Tickseed), Plantain, Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Pokeweed, Poorjoe, Prairie Sunflower, Prickly Lettuce, Prickly Sida, Prostrate Knotweed, Prostrate Pigweed, Prostrate Spurge, Prostrate Vervain, Puncturevine, Purslane, Common, Ragweed, Red Sorrel, Redroot Pigweed, Redstem Filaree, Rough Cinquefoil, Rough Fleabane, Russian Pigweed, Russian Thistle, Scarlet Pimpernel, Scotch Thistle, Sheep Sorrel, Shepherdspurse, Slender Plantain, Smallflower Galinsoga, Smooth Dock, Smooth Pigweed, Sorrel, Sowthistle, Spanishneedles, Speedwell, Spiny Amaranth, Spiny Cocklebur, Spiny Sowthistle, Spotted Catsear, Spotted Spurge, Spurweed , Stinging Nettle, Strawberry, India Mock, Tall Nettle, Tall Vervain, Tansy Ragwort, Tansy Mustard, Tanweed, Thistle, Trailing Crownvetch, Tumble Mustard, Tumble Pigweed, Velvetleaf, Venice Mallow, Virginia Buttonweed, Virginia Creeper, Virginia Pepperweed, Wavyleaf Bullthistle, Western Clematis, Western Salsify, White Mustard, Wild Aster, Wild Buckwheat, Wild Carrot, Wild Four-O’clock, Wild Garlic, Wild Geranium, Wild Lettuce, Wild Marigold, Wild Mustard, Wild Onion, Wild Parsnip, Wild Radish, Wild Rape, Wild Strawberry, Wild Sweet Potato, Wild Vetch, Wild Violet, Woodsorrel, Woolly Croton, Woolly Morningglory, Woolly Plantain, Wormseed, Yarrow, Yellow Rocket, and Yellowflower Pepperweed.


Apply this product when weeds are small and actively growing.

CRABGRASS (large and smooth):

  • Spring: Apply this product from Crabgrass emergence until the Crabgrass is 3-4 inches in height. This period begins the first time that you can see Crabgrass in your lawn. Retreat at 21 days later for dense populations. 


  • Spring and early summer: Apply this product to Foxtail during the early growth stages or when Foxtail is 1-4 inches in height. Retreat at 21 days later for dense populations.


  • Spring: Apply when Dandelion, Plantain, Buttercup, Speedwell, Knotweed, and other broadleaf weeds are young and actively growing with adequate soil moisture for best results.
  • Fall: Apply when Henbit, Chickweed, White Clover, Ground Ivy, Lawn Burweed and other broadleaf weeds are young and actively growing with adequate soil moisture for best results.


  1. Shake well. 
  2. Adjust the nozzle to coarse spray pattern to minimize wind drift. Spray the weeds only. Spray to lightly cover broadleaf and grass weeds. Excessive spraying can injure some lawns. Do not apply when daytime temperatures are above 90°F as lawn injury can occur (do not apply above 85°F for Bermudagrass).


For newly seeded areas: 

  • Do not apply within 4 weeks after seedling emergence of Kentucky Bluegrass, Fine Fescue mixtures and Perennial Ryegrass. Apply this product to newly seeded grasses when well-established (approximately 6 weeks after seedling emergence) or after the third mowing.

For newly sodded, sprigged, or plugged areas: 

  • The application of this product to newly sodded, sprigged, or plugged grasses should be delayed until 3 to 4 weeks after the sodding, sprigging, or plugging operations. 


  • Turf species listed on this label can be seeded into the treated areas at four (4) weeks after the application of this product.  


  • Do not apply this product immediately before rainfall or irrigation. For best results, do not irrigate or water the turfgrass within 24 hours after application.
  • Avoid applications of this product when turfgrasses are under stress since injury may result.


  • Delay mowing 2 days before and until 2 days after the application of this product. 
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    Weed Killer That Works

    By Ken on 06/20/2020

    Our property was over run with many weeds. We had it landscaped and got rid of most of the weeds however we still had wild morning glory's. i sprayed them with other weed killing products but it didn't do any good. They kept spreading. They have a very long root system.My wife went to a garden center and the owner recommended Fertilome weed killer. She purchased the product and it worked great but like I said we had a lot of wild morning glory's so I went online and found the same product for less money than I paid at the garden center so I bought two more bottles. They are mostly under control now but when they pop up from time to time I have something that will work.

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Questions & Answers

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Will Fertilome Weed Out With Crabgrass Killer RTU kill coarse tall fescue?

We have numerous clumps and it seems like it's taking over an area


Fertilome Weed Out With Crabgrass Killer RTU will not kill fescue as it is labeled to be used on both warm and cool season lawns for crabgrass and broadleaf weed control. 

Since tall fescue is a cool season grass type, the best way to eradicate it in a cool season lawn and not damage your lawn is going to be to spot treat using a non selective such as Roundup QuickPro and reseed after 2 weeks. 

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Can Fertilome Weed Out With Crabgrass Killer RTU and insecticide be sprayed together?

Have permethrin-sfr and tenacity


We do not recommend mixing Fertilome Weed Out With Crabgrass Killer RTU with an insecticide. This product is a ready to use and is used as is.  Also typically not recommended to tank mix the 2 types of products as each contain different properties that could degrade the effectiveness of the active ingredients

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