Flexstar GT 3.5 Herbicide

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Flexstar GT 3.5 Herbicide

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5 out of 5 stars Rating: 5

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Product Overview

Flexstar GT 3.5 Herbicide is an excellent herbicide that is capable of controlling weeds that are difficult to manage. Contains Fomasafen and glyphosate as its active ingredients which are ideal in targetting and controlling unwanted broadleaf weeds. It is perfect to use on crops such as cotton and soybeans. Flexstar GT 3.5 Herbicide combats weeds that are hard to control with glyphosate. Its two active ingredients deliver two different modes of action, making it highly effective. Lessens the injury of crops and maximizes its effectiveness by using the Isolink II Technology adjuvant system. It controls broadleaf weeds such as carpetweed, ragweed, henbit, johnsongrass, foxtails, pigweed, crabgrass, shepherd's purse, ryegrass, and Venice mallow. Provides postemergence control of glyphosate-resistant weeds.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Fomesafen 5.88% Glyphosate 22.40%
Target pests Carpetweed, Chickweed, Buttercup, Foxtails, Morningglory, Nightshade, Nutsedge yellow, Oats wild, Panicum, Pigweed, Ragweed common, Shattercane, Shepherd's purse, Sunflower common, Waterhemp, Wheat volunteer
For use in Cotton, Cotton, glyphosate-tolerant, Soybeans, Soybeans, glyphosate-tolerant
Application A spray volume of 15-20 gallons per acre and 30-60 psi at the nozzle tip is recommended
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on Label
Formulation Professional Product
Group 9 & 14 Herbicide
CT (Restricted To Commercial Applicators Only)
Special Features Combats weeds that are difficult to manage with glyphosate alone
Shipping Weight 26.21 lbs
Manufacturer Syngenta
EPA Registration 100-1385


Preplant Surface, Preemergence or Postemergence Applications

Flexstar GT 3.5 will control or partially control certain germinating broadleaf weeds and sedges by soil residual activity from either pre-plant surface, preemergence or postemergence applications that come in contact with the soil. Moisture is necessary to activate Flexstar GT 3.5 in the soil for residual weed control. Dry weather following applications of Flexstar GT 3.5 may reduce effectiveness. When adequate moisture is not received within 7 days after a Flexstar GT 3.5 application, weed control may be improved by overhead irrigation with at least a 1/4 inch of water.


Drift Management

Avoiding spray drift at the application site is the responsibility of the applicator and the grower. The interaction of equipment and weather-related factors determines the potential for spray drift. The applicator and grower must consider the interaction of equipment and weather-related factors to ensure that the potential for drift to sensitive nontarget plants is minimal.

This pesticide is to be applied only when the potential for drift to adjacent sensitive areas (e.g., residential areas, bodies of water, nontarget plants) is minimal (i.e., when the wind is blowing away from the sensitive area).

Recommended Tank Mixing Order

  1. Fill the spray tank with 1/2 to 2/3 the required amount of water and begin agitation.

  2. Add AMS (if used).

  3. Add dry pesticide formulations (WP, DF, etc.)

  4. Add liquid pesticide formulations (EC, SC, etc.)

  5. Add Flexstar FT 3.5.

  6. Add COC, MSO or NIS (if used).

  7. Add the remaining water and maintain agitation throughout the spray operation.

Be sure to allow each tank-mix component to fully disperse before adding the next.


  • Amaranth, Palmer
  • Croton
  • Eclipta
  • Galinsoga species
  • Lambsquarters
  • Morningglory
  • Nightshade
  • Pigweed
  • Poinsettia
  • Purslane
  • Ragweed
  • SidaStarbur

Partially Controlled

  • Anoda
  • Cocklebur
  • Morningglory
  • Nightshade
  • Ragweed
  • Waterhemp species
  • Nutsedge
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    flexstar gt3.5 herbicide

    By Fasteddie on 05/15/2020

    I used flexstar to try and kill sasbania weed beans growing in my pasture, its too early to tell about sasbania kill but looks after a week it did a smackdown on everything else, am a little worried about having anything for remaining grazing , time will tell

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Flexstar GT 3.5 Herbicide 5 out of 5 stars Rating: 5 (1 Reviews / 0 Q&A)

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