Genus Fli Fly Light

Genus Fli Fly Light
Genus Fli Fly Light

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Product Overview

The Genus Fli Fly Light is a new generation insect light trap. It is a economical performer, providing excellent value in flying insect control. Designed for reduced energy consumption and increased attraction levels, the Genus Fli will remove flying-insects faster. The Genus Fli unit uses new product technology to produce an insect light trap with stylish looks, eco-friendly operation and silent, discreet performance for the most sensitive public areas. The Genus Fli also has the power and reliability needed in the most testing production environments and locations with heavy fly activity. Reduced running costs, lower energy demands and increased attraction and catch rates come as standard in the Genus Fli.

Engineered by Brandenburg, the Genus Fli uses the latest innovation for electronic ballast to ensure a successful mix of high power output for effective performance and efficient running costs. It features the option to have T8 15 watt 18 in.sleeved bulbs, and incorporates the Brandenburg universal glue board to ensure safety and efficiency in maintenance.

Each Genus Fli comes with 2 T8 15 watt 18 in. bulbs and 1 glue-board.

Features and Specs

Target pests: Flying Insects - Flies, Gnats
For use in: Commercial or Residential: Healthcare, Food Stores or Processing Plants, Gyms, Hotels, Offices, Restaurants, Schools
Application: Wall Mount or Table Top
Pet safe: Yes
Dimensions: 21.00" x 3.40" x 11.70"
Number of bulbs: 2 x 15 Watt Bulbs
Voltage: 110v
Material / Construction: Aluminum
Parts Included: Genus Fli Light (6 ft. Power Cord)
2 - 15 Watt Bulbs (30 Watts of UV Light)
1 Glue Board
Shipping Weight: 7.66 lbs
Manufacturer: Brandenburg Fly Products (Mfg. Number: 103000-00)
UPC: 811170020879


  • Has the power and reliability needed for heavy fly activity
  • Lift and stay hinge cover for both hands free servicing
  • Horizontal, vertical or corner wall mounting or can stand-alone

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

Questions & Answers

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How frequently do I need to change the Sticky paper

You will replace the glue board of the Genus Fli Fly Light when completely full (timing can vary depending on the level of activity).

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How often should the bulbs be changed on the Genus Fli Fly Light?

Are they zappers or just attract bugs for them to get stuck on the board?


The Genus Fli Fly Light is an Insect Light Trap, meaning the UV light attracts flying insects and the insects are trapped on the glue board inside the unit; this is not a fly zapper. Light bulbs are generally replaced annually in the Spring for best results.

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Does the Genus Fli Fly Light work for mosquitoes?

The Genus Fli Fly Light could potentially attract mosquitoes if they are in the area where the light is placed, but this is not usually the most effective method of mosquito control.  Please take a look at our Mosquito Control Guide for more information on the treatment and prevention of mosquitoes. 

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