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Gary from Camarillo, Ca writes

I have a advanced case of Tulip Tree Scale in my Magnolia Grandiflora in Southern California.

Research on the internet suggested a soil drench with Imidacloprid, basal trunk spray of Safari and a Bifen spray would be most effective. Do you agree and if so would it be okay to do it in January since the climate is mild here in Southern California this time of year? I recently found a Magnolia leave with all stages of Tulip Tree Scale in progress.


Yes, you can use an imidicloprid product such as Dominion 2L insecticide as a soil drench around the root system of the tree while the tree is actively growing. This is typically done in the late winter/ early spring. You would use 0.1 – 0.4 oz of Dominion 2L per inch of trunk diameter at breast height diluted in water in a bucket or watering can and poured around the base of each tree. We generally recommend that you pair a soil drench with a topical spray such as a horticultural oil or a pyrethroid such as Talstar P.  The contact sprays are most effective when applied to the crawlers that have emerged and are active in mid to late summer.  You can also then spray the trunk with Safari.

Answer last updated on: 01/24/2020

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