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How to Check for Henbit Weed

When and Where to Look for Henbit

By DoMyOwn staff
Image showing a patch of henbit

Henbit may be easy to spot when in bloom, but knowing where it's likely to thrive can help you form a plan for a thorough inspection and elimination of this weed.

When Am I Likely to Find Henbit?

Henbit reproduces by way of seed germination in the fall or winter. The henbit weed may take advantage of any warmer weather during these seasons to grow, but henbit will remain mostly dormant until the spring. In the springtime, henbit plants produce visible flowers, produce more seeds to reproduce, and then die as temperatures rise when summer approaches. You'll have an easier time spotting henbit between February and June in most areas.

Where Does Henbit Grow Best?

Image grid showing areas favored by henbit

Henbit can be found throughout the United States. It is native to Europe, but can be found in most regions of the U.S., with the exception of some mountainous areas of the Western states. It is more often found in the Southern region of the U.S.

The henbit weed may grow in cropland or pastures, by roadsides, in gardens or in lawns. It favors shaded areas with moist soil. Look for purplish flowers among low, green leaves, and compare to the photos in our Henbit Identification Guide to confirm that you've found henbit on your property.

Found henbit in your yard? Learn how to kill henbit in the next part of our 4-part guide. Click the right arrow below to read more.

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