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Matthew from Ontario, Ca writes

How can I treat my nectarine tree for termites?

I have fruit trees in brick and cinder block planter in my backyard on the side of the house. The fruit trees trunks are spaced about five feet apart. My nectarine tree may have been damaged/decayed from other pests, but now has been infested by termites (I was told either drywood or subterranean or both). Is there a method to treat the tree without contaminating the soil or the other fruit trees with dangerous chemicals? Can I just chop down the whole tree and remove it, stump, roots, and all? Also, the tree is about 10 feet away from my house so if it is subterranean and I remove the tree, will they seek my house? If I have to use chemicals, which would you suggest and what methods should I undertake?


Termites do not attack live, healthy trees. If the tree has been damaged by termites it would be advisable to remove the tree and perform a liquid termite soil treatment with Termidor SC to ensure subterranean termites to not find a food source inside of your home. Please take a few minutes to read our article How to Perform a Termite Treatment which will explain how to do the treatment in laymens terms and also explain any needed equipment. Most folks find that they only need a 5 gallon bucket and perhaps a drill in some situations. You should follow the Termidor product label and you should mix Termidor with water as specified. No special equipment is needed to diltute Termidor because it is a water based product and readily mixes with water.

Answer last updated on: 12/02/2013

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