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Prevent Springtails from Invading Your Home

Springtails Pest Prevention

By DoMyOwn staff
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Springtails are often a nuisance due to their appearance in larger numbers and how difficult it can be to find their nests and remove them from a property. It is best to follow our recommendations for preventing a springtail infestation in the first place to avoid the problem later on. Read more below to learn how to keep springtails out of your home or business.

Keep Humidity Low Indoors to Prevent Springtails

Springtails need a damp or humid environment to survive. They cannot tolerate dry climates. If they do find their way into a home or other building, humid areas like bathrooms and damp basements will be their first target for shelter.

Use a bathroom fan to help regulate humidity in the bathroom area. Running a bathroom fan during showers and baths and afterward will help reduce the humidity in the bathroom and the rest of your home.

A bigger step that can be taken to regulate humidity levels in your home is to use a dehumidifier in the basement or crawlspace. By processing the damp air in these areas and removing excess moisture from it, a dehumidifier creates an environment that is not hospitable to springtails and many other pests. If you have had trouble with humidity in the past, investing in a dehumidifier may be the right choice for your home.

Consider any other ventilation issues or leaks you may have around the house that could be causing moldy conditions and correct them. In keeping your home as dry as possible you will eliminate springtails' ability to survive there indoors.

Protect Your Home from Springtails from the Outside

Springtails are most attracted to moist, decaying organic matter and cannot survive in dry climates. Addressing the sources of excess moisture and decay around your property is an easy and effective way to prevent springtails from taking refuge and infesting your yard and landscaped areas.

If you have maintained a dry climate indoors, any springtails that make their way inside will soon die. Instead of chasing them down, treat your home from the outside to stop their entry in the first place. Targeting moisture found in organic debris and other places outside will be the most effective defense.

Try these fixes for outdoor springtail defense:

  • Eliminate unnecessary mulch layers in gardens or other landscaped areas
  • Remove piles of firewood or lumber that retain moisture
  • Clear yard debris away from the home
  • Even out the ground level to avoid low spots where water can stand
  • Create a clear zone around the perimeter of the structure and keep it as dry as possible
  • Inspect any concrete, brick, or stone elements around the building's perimeter or in attached areas such as patios and sidewalks. Springtails often find shelter under cracked or damaged concrete slabs where water is able to collect out of sight and near the building foundation.
  • Seal any cracks or gaps in the foundation that you see
  • Treat the perimeter of the building with a residual insecticide; this treatment should include cracks and crevices that may harbor springtails or other pests already

Watch the video below to learn how to perform a barrier insecticide spray treatment to prevent springtails around your home.

Our Guide to Integrated Pest Management offers even more great ideas for making your home less hospitable to springtails and other pests.

If you believe you have spotted springtails, read our guide on where springtails hide in the home and our guide on how to get rid of springtails to learn how to combat an infestation. Give the experts on our customer service team a call at 866-581-7378 if you have any questions.

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