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David from Osceola Ia. writes

Is Roundup Custom Aquatic Terrestrial Herbicide safe to be used around cattle?


After reviewing the product label, Roundup Custom Aquatic Terrestial Herbicide can be used around livestock as long as you are following the instructions. For example, under the "Preplant, Preemergence, Pasture Renovation" section of the label, it states, "If the application rates total 4.5 pints per acre or less, no waiting period between treatment and feeding or livestock grazing is required. If the rate is greater than 4.5 pints per acre, remove the domestic livestock before application and wait 8 weeks after the application before grazing or harvesting." The product label also states under the "Spot Treatment, Over-The-Top Wiper Applications" sections, "To achieve maximum performance, remove domestic livestock before application and wait 7 days after application before grazing livestock or harvesting." Please be sure to review the product label for more information and complete application instructions.

Answer last updated on: 10/25/2022

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