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Brian from Livermore, Ca writes

Is Talstar effective on black widows & wasps/yellow jackets & if so, at what concentration?

I recently used this around the outside of my home and the fence perimeter, as well as along the roof-line, where I have had a bad problem with either wasps/Yellow jackets (not sure on identification, but suspect wasp). Besides the wasps, I was having a bad problem along the fence line with black widows. I have the three-quarter gallon, and that seemed difficult to measure and pour versus what I read about a smaller bottle with a tip and measure system. Next time will purchase qt. size. I used 1 ounce to 1 gallon of water in my sprayer. Is that the right concentration for my aforementioned problems? And, with my subsequent follow-up applications at approximately three or four months out, will that be the same one ounce or a half an ounce concentration? Lastly, is Talstar or Bifen, effective on black widows and wasps/Yellow jackets?


The highest rate for usage with the Talstar or Bifen would be 1oz per gallon just as you have used. Depending on how heavy the population of the wasps/yellow jackets and spiders are, will depend on whether you will have to reapply in the beginning every month or not. If the population is heavy and large now, it would be recommended to spray all the areas favorable for these pest and their food sources every month until the numbers have dimenished, and then you can easily back off to spraying quarterly (every 3 months) to help keep them at bay. Each time you spray the 1oz per gallon rate would be the correct and accurate rate to use. The Talstar will kill any wasp or similar species that lands on a surface it has been sprayed on. It will not be a contact kill but as they pick the product up on their bodies after landing, they will slowly ingest it as they groom themselves and die from it. While spiders can be killed by the Talstar/Bifen, you tend to control spider populations more in an indirect way. If you have lots of spiders of any species around the home, then you have high numbers of other little insects around the home that they are feeding on. The Talstar/Bifen will eliminate those insects and in turn cause the spiders to search elsewhere for food. They need food and shelter to survive in any area and if the Talstar removes the food sources, then they will have to move away from your home to live. 

Answer last updated on: 09/09/2014

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