Koppert Chrysopa (Chrysoperla Carnea) 500 ml

Koppert Chrysopa (Chrysoperla Carnea) 500 ml

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Product Overview

The Koppert Chrysopa Lacewings 500 ml. (428) contains 1,000 second stage larvae Chrysoperla carnea (lacewing) mixed with buckwheat. It effectively targets aphids and many other insects like moth eggs, thrips and whiteflies. The lacewing's mode of action is attacking a prey and sucking out its body fluids. Once an aphid is dead, its remainder will be totally shriveled and will be hard to find. For proper application, make sure to rotate the bottle and shake it gently before use. Enforce the material evenly on diseased leaves. For heavy curative treatments, add some buckwheat shells to areas where most aphids are seen. You can spread Chrysopa on the leaves, rockwoll block or in DIBOX application boxes.


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Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Lacewing (Chrysoperla carnea)
Target pests Aphids, moth eggs, thrips and whiteflies.
For use in Crops
Application Can be applied on the rockwool block, on the leaves or in DIBOX application boxes.
Color Adults: green, with wings
Eggs: green
Larvae: grey-brown
Pupa: white
Special Features Effective in low crops.
Shipping Weight 1.00 lbs
Manufacturer Koppert Biological Systems (Mfg. Number: 428)


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Chrysoperla carnea (lacewing)
Adults: size ± 12 mm, slim, green, with wings with fine venation
Eggs: green, on hairs of 1 cm long
Larvae: size 2-10 mm, grey-brown with big pronounced jaws, in aphid colonies
Pupa: in a hairy white round cocoon

Storage and handling
Biological beneficials have a very short life expectancy and therefore need to be introduced into the crop as soon as possible after receipt. Storing them for a period can have a negative impact on their quality and is only possible under the conditions described below. Koppert B.V. is not liable for any loss of quality if the product is stored for longer than recommended and/or under incorrect conditions.

  • Storage after receipt: 1-2 days
  • Storage temperature: 47-50F (8-10C)
  • In the dark (bottle horizontally)


  • The adult lacewings that hatch from the pupae generally fly away and do not contribute to control
  • Chrysoperla carnea is only effective in low crops

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