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Leaf Spot Treatment Guide

Learn How to Get Rid of Leaf Spot Disease On Grass

By DoMyOwn staff

When & How To Treat For Leaf Spot

Treating your lawn for leaf spot isn't too different than treating for other fungal turf diseases, but it is important to understand when and how to treat for this turf fungus.
Step 1

Choose & Apply The Right Product

Controlling and getting rid of leaf spot is easiest if you start to treat it as soon as you see signs of it.

  • Choose a product labeled for control of turf leaf spot fungal disease.
  • Apply to affected areas, keeping in mind that you could apply to surrounding areas to try to prevent spread of the disease.
  • If the leaf spot has progressed in the disease cycle (where grass leaves are close to being overtaken by the spots) or if melting out has begun, it might very difficult to control.
  • If melting out has begun, this means the disease has progressed very far. If the melting out is at the very beginning stages, a fungicide formulated for this disease may offer some improvement. However, if it is advanced, there is little a fungicide can do in the way of correcting the disease, although it will help to limit further spreading of the disease in your lawn. The disease will run its course, leaving you with thinned grass in the affected areas, but will allow you to then re-seed your grass.
  • Keep in mind that if your fungicide applications don't seem to be effective, you can perform a preventative application in the spring to prevent leaf spot from returning.
Step 2

Rotate Fungicide Products

Make sure to rotate the fungicide products you are using to ensure the fungus in your turf does not become resistant to the products, leaving you with an incurable turf disease.

You will likely have to re-treat throughout the growing season, so follow label directions carefully for application guidelines and timing.

Leaf Spot Treatment Infographic

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