Manna Pro Natural Glo Rice Bran Oil Supplement

Manna Pro Natural Glo Rice Bran Oil Supplement

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Product Overview

Manna Pro Natural Glo Rice Bran Oil Supplement is an all-natural supplement for horses that provides an excellent source of digestible energy. This product is high in fat and rich in antioxidants for a better overall body condition. It is also a natural source of Vitamin E and Gamma Oryzanol to promote a healthy immune system. Also delivers the essential Omega Fatty Acids for a healthier coat and enhanced hair and coat sheen. A great solution for adding plant-based calories to the diet of hard-working, growing, underweight, or senior horses. For easy administrations, this supplement features a highly palatable formula. Sold in a 1 gallon jug. 

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Crude Fat (min) - 98% Vitamin E (min) - 200 IU/lb
For use in For all classes of horses.
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on label.
Special Features Highly palatable formula.
Shipping Weight 9.00 lbs
Manufacturer Manna Pro Products, LLC (Mfg. Number: 1000098)
UPC 897624000932



Natural Glo Rice Bran Oil is safe to feed to all classes of horses. Add Natural Glo Rice Bran Oil to supplement your current feeding program as outlined in the table below. Introduce Natural GloRice Bran Oil gradually over a period of 7-10 days.

Foals: Feed 1-3 fluid oz. per day.
Mares: Feed 2-8 fluid oz. per day.
Breeding Horses: Feed 2-8 fluid oz. per day.
Maintenance Horses: Feed 2-6 fluid oz. per day.
Performance Horses: Feed 6-12 fluid oz. per day.

The Natural Glo Difference:

For over 161 years, Manna Pro has been making foods and supplements that help horses grow healthy and strong. We believe that every animal that comes down our path deserves the best nutrition possible, which is why we are proud to provide our line of Natural Glo Rice Bran supplements. Natural Glo Rice Bran Oil is a concentrated source of fat that is an ideal solution for adding calories to your horse’s diet.

HIGH IN FAT TO BUILD BODY CONDITION. Natural Glo Rice Bran Oil is high in natural plant-based fats, which provide extra calories for hard-working, growing, or underweight horses.

NATURALLY HIGH IN VITAMIN E. Antioxidants, like Vitamin E, are critical to help support a healthy immune system.

EXCELLENT SOURCE OF ESSENTIAL OMEGA FATTY ACIDS. These nutrients help improve your horses’ coat condition and gives their coats a healthy, shiny glow.

IDEAL FOR ALL HORSES. Natural Glo Rice Bran Oil is ideal for all horses, including hard-working performance horses, underweight horses, senior horses, adult horses who need to build body condition, and young, growing horses.


  • Crude Fat (min) - 98%
  • Vitamin E (min) - 200 IU/lb

Ingredients: Rice Bran Oil

Reminder: Feed is perishable. Store this product in a cool, dry area away from insects and rodents.

Caution: Do not feed any product that is spoiled, moldy, rodent or insect infested, or abnormal in appearance or odor, as it may cause illness or death.

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