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Maxforce FC Ant Bait Gel

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    Great Stuff! Works quickly

    By Cap\'n on 08/02/2011

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    It works quickly, but not too quickly, thus allowing the ants to consume a large quantity and take it back to the nest to feed to the developing larvae and.. to the queens. Note: Put down a strip of painters tape next to the ant trail, not over it, put 'dots' of the product all along the tape. This will allow the ants to quickly find it - they are tuned into the sweet smell, apparently, as within a minute or two, they will be surrounding the dots like cattle at a water trough. They stay quite a while pumping in the liquid before taking off back to the nest. Within a few hours you will notice a significant drop in the number of ants coming to the bait - and you may have to refresh the bait as they tend to eat it up. By the next day the ants are gone. There may be ants to vacuum up around the tape as well. My only complaint is that it is supposed to come with a plunger - it does not (it is advertised as having one). I was told to use a magic marker. It works, but it is not the way these things are supposed to work. I called and no offer was made to send the plunger. Just be aware of that. Oh yes, you also have to chill the syringe before using or it is too watery. No big deal. But do remember this stuff is a poison and can have some pretty nasty effects on dogs. (Yes, I know it is used in Frontline and I do NOT use Frontline on my dogs. I spray the house with Precor - far better and safer for my 4 leggeds.)

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    Mixed feelings

    By John on 03/16/2012

    The stuff worked, but was anything but gel. I used to work for Orkin, so I know what this stuff is supposed to be like. I called DMOPC and they said you had to "sahke" the product. Didn't seem to make much of a difference to me. I found one of the 4 tubes that wasn't like water.... at least for the first night, and put the bait out. The bait works...

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    Kills ants but poorly formulated

    By James on 09/30/2017

    It works well, as advertised, as an ant killer, but the formulation is not a gel. It is a syrup. I live in Florida, but my home is air conditioned (76 degrees). When applied to gaps in woodwork etc. the formulation runs down the wall as honey or a syrup would do. I use the bait in home-made bait stations because it is not suitable for use as the instructions describe. It is working, however, to quickly reduce ghost ant populations.

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    Crazy Ants

    By Bens on 11/29/2015

    They came to the stations once, then avoided it, but did appear to significantly reduce the population. Still have the crazy ant problem.

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    The ants are hungry.

    By Willa on 07/13/2019

    Started putting this out immediately and have noticed that there are not nearly the amount of ants crawling. I will have to give it a while yet before making a final determination but it's looking positive. The ants have taken up residence in my fiberglass 12' garage door and are/were happily chewing it up as it had to be vacuumed frequently. Now not much to fuss about now.. I just hope their MOMMA got good and hungry and ate her share of the gel also

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