MBS-1 Mouse Bait Station

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MBS-1 Mouse Bait Station
MBS-1 Mouse Bait Station
MBS-1 Mouse Bait Station
MBS-1 Mouse Bait Station

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4 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.2

18 Reviews | 13 Q&A

Product Overview

The MBS1 is the ideal multifunctional bait station for use in tight spaces. Compact in size, its large internal area includes a metal rod to skewer soft and block baits. Optional baiting tray for insects makes it the versatile and dependable choice for LEED-certified buildings.

Bait both mice and insects with the same station. Optional insect tray can be used with granular and gel bait. The MBS is made of 100% recycled injection-molded plastic, small, compact, economical, easy to operate and easy to clean. This station is used for control of mice in residential and commercial applications and be used indoor or outdoor. This compact, durable station has a smooth surface for easy maintenance and cleaning. It is designed with a durable hinge design for extended durability and reliability. It has a spring-loaded locking mechanism for easy closing and opening. This compact design allows the station to fit into tight spaces, either vertically or horizontally. The interior, specifically the bait area, is designed with raised edges to keep water out. 

The MBS works with soft bait and comes standard with a metal bait rod which locks securely into the station, service label and VM’s universal gray key. The station measures 4.75”x1.25”x3.75”

Only 1 key is provided per order. You can purchase additional Keys separately.  Bait is Not Included - Must be purchased separately! 

Features and Specs

Target pests Mice
For use in Residential, commercial, or industrial buildings, indoors and outdoors.
Application Place station near baseboards, corners, along walls, or in spaces where rodents are likely to travel.
Pet safe Yes, when used as directed.
Dimensions 4.75
Material / Construction Recycled plastic.
Special Features Uses the same key as the FBS-1 Fly Bait Station and the EZ Klean Rodent Bait Station.
Shipping Weight 0.15 lbs
Manufacturer VM Products



  • Compact, durable, multifunctional design.
  • Locking lid protects the bait from weather and other elements.
  • Raised lip around the front of the station deters unwanted entry.
  • Smooth design and drainage holes prevent mold growth or insect harborage.
  • Large bait area accommodates most block baits and multiple pieces of soft bait.
  • Comes standard with metal rod to skewer soft bait or secure block baits into the station.
  • Optional baiting tray allows for baiting of mice and insects at the same time.
  • Environmentally friendly and suitable for LEED-certified structures.
  • Uses VM Products universal key.
  • Durable, 100% American-made, from recycled plastic.
  • Private label available.
  • Service label included.

The MBS-1 Mouse Bait Station uses the same key as EZ Klean Rodent Bait Station and the FBS-1 Fly Bait Station making it simple to keep track of the key you need.

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  • 3 of 5 Stars

    Inexpensive bait station does not hold up well to elements

    By Rich on 07/12/2016

    I have been using these bait stations for about 2 weeks now and they have definitely taken a beating from the wind and sun where I live. Being out in the elements has made these stations very difficult to open to check on bait and on some of the stations the key has actually bent the plastic when opening. Probably a good indoor station but not for the outside desert climate where I live.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Bait Station

    By Br on 10/19/2015

    Excellent for occasional mice that get into your house in the fall! Keeps pets out and safe!

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Nice quality mouse bait station.

    By Michael on 11/16/2018

    I purchased these mouse bait stations to place underneath the house to bait mice before they get into the house. I followed the directions for placement and have checked them and mice have been eating the rat poison. Each station holds one block of rat poison. The quality is strong enough for the purpose I purchased them for. The key was a little tricky to use at first. Insert the key and turn towards the back of the station to open. I am satisfied with the purchase and the customer service received from DoMyOwn.

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  • 2 of 5 Stars

    Very small station. Shipment delaid

    By Dan on 01/13/2019

    The unit is very small and requires a key and bait that are not included. it has room for a single piece of bait that does not last very long and requires replacement. Also the station would not work for rats because of the small size of the entrances. It took 14 days for the station to arrive.

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  • 4 of 5 Stars

    Ant and zoaches

    By Jacqueline on 07/03/2017

    Very small in size the it reminds me on the ones you get Homdepot or Lowe's.

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Questions & Answers

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Does MBS-1 Mouse Bait Station allow chipmunks in?

I'm wanting to poison mice, not chipmunks. Would this be safe for the chipmunks outside my home, or could they get into the poison?

Yes, it is possible that chipmunks can enter the MBS-1 Mouse Bait Station. There are not really any other options we know of since, mice and chipmunks can be close in size. You contact Your Local Cooperative Extension Office to see if there are any recommendations for your area.

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If I only buy one or two MBS-1 Mouse Bait Stations do they come with a key or do I need to buy a key also?
We do provide 1 key with an order of the MBS-1 Mouse Bait Stations

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Do the MBS-1 Mouse Bait Stations trap mice or poison them and mice die outside the station?

The MBS-1 Mouse Bait Station does not trap the mice once they enter. They have access to enter and exit the station freely to gnaw on rodenticide (sold separately) that is inside. There is not a specific location that they do to die.

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How much "bait" comes with a single MSB-1?
MBS-1 Mouse Bait Station  does not come with bait. Please review our different options for rodent baits.

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Is MBS-1 Mouse bait station safe to use in home with a cat or dog?

Also, if the mouse gets any of the toxin/active ingredients on it and my cat catches this mouse can it hurt my cat?


The MBS-1 Mouse Bait Station are tamper resistant stations where animals and children are not able to get into the station and access the bait. If secondary poisioning is a concern, we recommend using a 2nd generation rodenticide such as Contrac or Final Blox where there is an antidote in the case of secondary poisioning. We always recommend contacting your veternarian if poisoning is a concern.

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MBS-1 Mouse Bait Station 4 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.2 (18 Reviews / 13 Q&A)

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