Monterey Blue Pond Dye WSB

Monterey Blue Pond Dye WSB

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Product Overview

Monterey Blue Pond Dye WSB is a water-soluble bag that is designed to be used in ponds, fountains, lakes and lagoons, improving their aesthetic appearance by giving them a blue dye. Once the dye has dissipated, the water can be used for fishing, swimming, or irrigation and it will not stain fish, birds or livestock. Just throw the bag into the water, using 3-4 bags per acre of water that is between 4 and 6 feet deep. Easy to use - just toss in bags from the shore. Make sure to apply the dye in different areas of the pond so the dye spreads evenly. If a deeper shade of color is desired, just add more dye to the pond. Tub contains ten (10) 5 oz. bags.

Features and Specs

For use in Ponds, Fountains, Lakes and Lagoons
Application Apply 3 - 4 water soluble bags per acre of water up to 6 feet deep
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on label
Coverage Area About 3 Acres
Special Features Will Not Stain Birds, Fish or Livestock
Shipping Weight 3.20 lbs
Manufacturer Monterey Lawn & Garden (Mfg. Number: LG 1164)
UPC 022179104334


Wash hands after handling. May be harmful if swallowed. Wear rubber gloves and eye protection. Avoid contact with skin. If product comes into contact with skin, wash thoroughly. In case of eye contact, wash thoroughly with clear water. If irritation persists, contact a physician immediately. When applied at the recommended rates, Monterey Blue Pond Dye WSB will not stain birds or fish, and is harmless to humans as well as wildlife. Monterey Blue Pond Dye WSB will not disrupt fishing, swimming or irrigation once product has dispersed. However, do not swim, fish, or irrigate from ponds treated with Monterey Blue Pond Dye WSB until the product has thoroughly dispersed. Wear rubber gloves when applying to protect hands from staining. Do not apply to streams, rivers or ponds not under control of the user. If spilled, clean up with water before the product has a chance to dry.

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