Natural Guard Spinosad Soap RTS

Natural Guard Spinosad Soap RTS

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Product Overview

Natural Guard by Ferti-lome Spinosad Soap Ready To Spray is specially formulated to protect your vegetables, crops, lawns and outdoor ornamental plants against foliage-feeding insects. Using a powerful combination of two active ingredients, it effectively controls spider mites and kills pest on contact such as adelgids, aphids, armyworms, caterpillars, leafminers, leafhoppers, chinch bugs, cutworms, earwigs, mealybugs, beetles including Japanese and Colorado Potato beetles, and other plant-eating pests that damages your foliage. It is also effective against powdery mildew when it is sprayed directly on contact, plus a complete coverage for total control. This ready-to-spray formula works fast -- it starts killing within minutes after application. It is labeled for use on outdoor residential areas, vegetable gardens, and non-commercial greenhouses.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Potassium Salts of Fatty Acid 18.8% Spinosad 0.1%
Target pests Powdery mildew, Adelgids, ants, aphids, armyworms, beetles (including Colorado potato beetle, Japanese beetle, elm leaf beetle larvae), caterpillars, leafminers, chinch bugs, cutworms, earwigs, fruit flies, lacebugs, leafhoppers, mealybugs, mites
For use in Residential use in Gardens, Lawns, Greenhouses and Ornamental Plants
Application Thoroughly Spray all Plant parts to complete wetting, including undersides of leaves
Repeat applications may be made as needed
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on Label
Formulation Ready-to-Spray Liquid
Special Features Effectively kills and control listed insects in minutes
Shipping Weight 2.41 lbs
Manufacturer VPG (Mfg. Number: 40497)
UPC 732221404977
EPA Registration 67702-44-7401



For outdoor residential use in home gardens, lawns, greenhouses, and ornamentals.

Not for use on plants being grown for sale or other commercial use, or for commercial seed production, or for research purposes.

Applicator Directions for Hose-End Sprayer:


  • Connect sprayer to hose.
  • Turn on water.


  • To begin spraying, point nozzle in the direction you want to spray.
  • With thumb slide trigger completely forward to the ON position.
  • Spray evenly over the measured area at a rate of 32 oz concentrate for every 1,000 to 4,000 square feet.


  • To STOP spraying, slide thumb activation switch backward to OFF position.
  • Turn off water.
  • Relieve water pressure by sliding thumb switch to WATER position until water slows to a drip. Then, slide switch back to OFF position.
  • Disconnect sprayer from hose.

Apply when listed pests are present. Thoroughly spray all plant parts with diluted product to wetting, including undersides of leaves. Repeat applications may be made as indicated in the Use Restrictions section.

Do not use on sweet peas, nasturtiums, or delicate ferns.

Do not spray when plants are under stress. Use with care on new seedlings, transplants and blooms. Do not spray during full sun. Spray early in morning or evening or when overcast. Potassium salts of fatty acids spray may cause marking of some varieties. If concerned about sensitivity of plants, apply to individual plants or small areas of plants and wait to determine if plant damage (phytotoxicity) occurs prior to treatment of larger areas.

Apply when the first signs of powdery mildew appear and repeat at 7-10 day intervals.

Do not exceed restrictions listed in the Use Restrictions section. This product must come into contact with powdery mildew to be effective. Complete coverage is essential for maximum control.


Adelgids (wooly aphids), ants (excluding fire ants, harvester ants, Pharaoh ants and carpenter ants), aphids, armyworms, beetles (including Colorado potato beetle, Japanese beetle, elm leaf beetle larvae), borers, caterpillars (including tent caterpillar), chinch bugs, codling moth, cutworms, earwigs, fruit flies (including spotted wing Drosophila), grubs, lace bugs, leafhoppers, leafminers, leafrollers, loopers, moths (including gypsy moth, light brown apple moths, European grapevine moths, buck moth larvae), mealybugs, mites (including spider mites, rust mites), mole crickets, plant bugs, psyllids (including Asian citrus psyllid), sawfly larvae (including pear and rose slugs), scale insects, thrips, webworms, weevil (including black vine weevil), and whiteflies.

This product provides curative control of powdery mildew.


For use outdoors and in non-commercial greenhouses on berries, fruit and nut trees, citrus, corn, figs, melons, tomatoes, vegetables, herbs, lawns, and outdoor ornamentals.

Lawns, Turf, Outdoor Container-Grown Plants and Ornamentals (Herbaceous and Woody)

Uniformly spray foliage to point of runoff. Uniform coverage of upper and lower leaf surfaces is essential for effective insect control. Do not make applications less than 7 days apart.

Greenhouses (non-commercial)

Make localized area treatments of ornamental plants where pest problems are anticipated to occur rather than general area-wide broadcast treatments. Do not apply this product more than 10 times per year inside a greenhouse. If this product is being used for thrips, leafminer, spider mite and/or diamondback moth control, do not apply more than 6 times per year inside a greenhouse.


This is toxic to bees exposed to treatment for 3 hours following treatment. Do not apply this pesticide to blooming, pollen-shedding or nectar-producing parts of plants if bees may forage on the plants during this time period. This product is toxic to aquatic invertebrates. To protect the environment, do not allow pesticide to enter or run off into storm drains, drainage ditches, gutters or surface waters. Applying this product in calm weather or when rain is not predicted for the next 24 hours will help to ensure that wind or rain does not blow or wash pesticide off the treatment area. Rinsing application equipment over the treated area will help avoid run off to water bodies or drainage systems.

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Can Natural Guard Spinosad Soap RTS be used on cherry trees to prevent worms in fruit?

While Natural Guard Spinosad Soap RTS is labeled for use on cherry trees, it works best as a contact kill to pests actively on the trees.

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How often can you apply Natural Guard Spinosad Soap RTS?

The number of applications of Natural Guard Spinosad Soap RTS that can be made are based on the area being treated.  Please refer to the product label for the application timing interval of the plant you’re treating.

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