New York Pest Control

A complete list of professional do-it-yourself pest control products that are registered for sale to New York State.

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A versatile vegetation management herbicide that eliminates weeds with developed resistance to other regularly used herbicides.
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A product that optimizes the growth of ornamental plants.
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A versatile and effective formulation that disrupts the life cycles of pests and prevents infestations.
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A fast-acting fungicide that controls major turf diseases and enhances plant performance in golf course turf areas.
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A dicamba herbicide designed to control and eliminate broadleaf weeds in crops, rangeland, and turf.
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A professional narrow spectrum insecticide that targets Lepidopteran species while preserving beneficial insects and pollinators.
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A colorant that also controls algae and aquatic vegetation on lakes and ponds.
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A plant growth regulator that works on both warm and cool season turfgrasses.