Nufarm Imazuron Herbicide

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Nufarm Imazuron Herbicide

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3 out of 5 stars Rating: 3

1 Review | 3 Q&A

Product Overview

Nufarm Imazuron Herbicide will provide broad-spectrum control of annual and perennial grasses, broadleaf weeds, vines, and hardwoods. It uses the combination of Imazapyr and Diuron as its active ingredient which guarantees long-term control and effective knockdown of tough weeds and grasses. This dispersible granular formula will prevent clogging of nozzles and injection units, as well as ensures residual control of weeds that may germinate in areas that are treated. It is ideal for use on non-crop areas like utility plant sites, petroleum tank farms, pumping installations, storage areas, railroads, fencerows, farmyards, or areas where bare ground is wanted. 

Always use a surfactant for post-emergent applications.  This is a vegetation management product and should only be used by an experienced user as it can leach.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Diuron 62.22%, Imazapyr 7.78%
Target pests Annual & Perennial Grasses, Broad-leaf Weeds, Vines and Brush
For use in Industrial Non-crop Areas: Utility Plant Sites, Petroleum Tank Farms, Pumping Installations, Storage Areas, Railroads, Fence Rows, Farmyards
Application Apply about 7-19 lbs. per acre
For re-treatment within same growing season, apply less than 7 lbs. per acre
* Use spray Surfactant for Post-Emergence application
* See label for complete application instructions
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on label
Formulation Water Dispersal Granule
VT (Restricted To Licensed Applicators Only)
Special Features Dispersible granule formulation will not clog nozzles or injection units
Ensures easy application and uniform distribution
Shipping Weight 10.23 lbs
Manufacturer Nufarm (Mfg. Number: 10418410)
UPC 191662014273
EPA Registration 228-654



  • Less than 15 inches rainfall: 7-10 lbs per acre
  • 15 to 35 inches rainfall: 8-13 lbs per acre
  • Over 35 inches rainfall: 13-19 lbs per acre


Grassy weeds: Barnyardgrass, Bluegrass, Crabgrass, Brome, Dallisgrass, Cogongrass, Fall panicum, Foxtail, Johnsongrass, Saltgrass, Italian Ryegrass, Sandbur, Sand dropseed, Sprangletop, Vasey grass.

Broadleaf weeds: Goldenrod, Dogfennel, Kochia, Horseweed, Pigweed, Lambsquarters, Ragweed, Russian Thistle, Smartweed, Shepherd's-purse, Velvetleaf.

Vines: Field bindweed, Kudzu, Greenbriar, Morningglory, Trumpetcreeper, Virginia creeper. Plus more that 30 species of brush.

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    Mixing Instructions

    By Paul on 06/18/2019

    This product works great if you get it mixed properly. I put 2.5 lbs. in 30 gal of water and it was very hard to get all of it to dissolve or go into solution so it could be sprayed evenly on the area I needed to treat. A mix ratio of product to water would be helpful!!!

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Questions & Answers

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What is the mix rate of Nufarm Imazuron Herbicide per gallon of water?

The mix rate varies depending on how much rainfall you have in your area.  For example, if you have less than 15 in of rainfall per year, you will mix approximately 0.2 lbs of Nufarm Imazuron Herbicide
per gallon of water. The application rate is as follows:

  • Less than 15 inches rainfall: 7-10 lbs per acre
  • 15 to 35 inches rainfall: 8-13 lbs per acre
  • Over 35 inches rainfall: 13-19 lbs per acre

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Will Nufarm Imazuron Herbicide kill sandbur?

Yes the Nufarm Imazuron Herbicide is labeld to treat sandburs. Per product label, apply 7-19 lbs. of product per acre. For retreatment within same growing season, apply less than 7 lbs. per acre. Use a spray adjuvant such as a Non Ionic Surfactant for post-emergence application. Please refer to product label for specific instructions. 

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How many bags of Nufarm Imazuron Herbicide are in a case?

There are 4 bags of Nufarm Imazuron Herbicide  per case.

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Nufarm Imazuron Herbicide 3 out of 5 stars Rating: 3 (1 Reviews / 3 Q&A)

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