Ortho WeedClear Lawn Weed Killer Concentrate

Ortho WeedClear Lawn Weed Killer Concentrate

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Product Overview

Ortho WeedClear Lawn Weed Killer Concentrate is a professionally made herbicide that kills all listed weeds while causing no damage to your lawn. It targets 200 weeds such as chickweed, clover, crabgrass, foxtail, and dandelion. It turns rainproof within one hour. This fast-acting weed killer allows you to see results in just one application. This treatment penetrates grass weeds through their leaves and controls them throughout the plant. It is excellent for lawns. Can cover up to 5,000 square feet. For best results, apply during spring and fly when weeds are actively growing. Available in a 32-ounce bottle.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient 2,4-D, dimethylamine salt - 6.423% Quinclorac - 2.13% Dicamba, dimethylamine salt - 0.60%
Target pests Lawn weeds
For use in Lawns
Application Turn dial to 2.5 ounces. Pour desired amount of concentrate into sprayer jar. Turn sprayer nozzle to preferred spray. Connect hose to sprayer. Turn on water. Press and hold trigger for continuous spray. Apply evenly. See label for further instructions.
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed.
Dimensions 2.54 x 4.76 x 11.56
Coverage Area Up to 5,000 square feet.
Special Features Destroys listed weeds without damaging lawns.
Shipping Weight 2.63 lbs
Manufacturer Scotts (Mfg. Number: 447905)
EPA Registration 2217-896-239



Causes moderate eye irritation. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, or clothing. harmful if swallowed. When using this product, wear long-sleeved shirt, long pants, socks, shoes, and rubber gloves. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling and before eating, drinking, chewing gum, or using tobacco. After using this product, rinse floves before removing, remove clothing and lander separateky before reuse, and promptly and thotougly wash hands and exposed skin soap and water. Remove saturated clothing as soon as possible and shower. 


This pesticide is toxic to fish and aquatic invertebrates. To protect the environment, do not allow pesticide to enter or run off into storm drains, drainage ditches, gutters, or surface waters. Applying this product in calm weather when rain is not predicted for the next 24 hours will help to ensure that wind or rain does not blow or wash pesticide off the treatment area. Rinsing application equiment over the treated area will help avoid off to water bodies or drainage systems. 

This chemical has properties and characteristics associated with chemical detected in groundwater. The use of this chemical in areas where soils are permeable, particularly where the water table is shallow, may result in groundwater contamination. Application around a cistern or well may result in contamination of drinking water or groundwater. 


Pesticide Storage: Keep from freezing. Store in original container in a locked storage area inaccesible to children and pets.

Pesticide Disposal and Container Handling: Nonrefillable container. Do not reuse or refill this container. If empty, place in trash or offer for recycling for available. If partly-filled, call your local solid waste agency for disposal instructions. Never place unused product down any indoor or outdoor drain.

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